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10 celebrity wedding destinations (where you can get married too!)

It's no secret that when an A-lister gets hitched, their weddings are often as OTT as they are...
But do you think they limit their extravagance to a wedding on home turf? Of course not. These Hollywood heavyweights take their nuptials overseas. From hiring out entire islands and luxury resorts to star-studded guest lists and receptions with all the trimmings, a celebrity destination wedding is something to behold in the most spectacular of ways. The good news is, you really only need one thing if you're keen on pulling off your own version of the celeb desti wedding: the show-stopping location. But how do you know which locations are celeb-approved? Don't worry, we've got that covered. We've rounded up 10 tried-and-tested destinations – from France to Mexico – that already boast a celeb wedding in their credentials. 

Where: Venice, Italy

Who: Amal and George Clooney

Why: Even if you can’t tie the knot in quite the same style as Amal and George – a paparazzi circus, custom Oscar de la Renta dress, Cindy Crawford and Anna Wintour on the guest list – you can have the same stunning backdrop. This city of marble palaces, famed waterways and tiled piazzas serves up more venues and photography locations than you could point a bread stick at. If you want to get hitched in Venice (or anywhere else in Italy, really) you need to do your research and get your paperwork in order; any civil marriages must also be celebrated in public in the Town Hall and arrangements for the ceremony have to be made in advance at the Registry Office. From there, you can take your pick of grand palaces, opulent hotels and paved terraces for your reception. A heads-up before you book plane tickets: getting through the Italian legal red tape can be a bit of a saga, so a wedding planner might be the way to go.

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Who: Victoria and David Beckham

Why: When Manchester United’s golden boy wed the LBD-rocking Spice Girl in 1999, it was never going to be a ‘normal’ wedding. For their nuptial extravaganza, the Beckhams chose Dublin, a city that has history, heritage and hedonism in spades. Victoria and David got hitched at Luttrellstown Castle, which, with its walled gardens, Gothic architecture and string of four-poster beds, is a castle in every sense of the word. Along with the city’s numerous other castles and grand country homes though, there are plenty of alternate wedding venues for couples whose style is more casual than classic. Plus, there’s a certain charm to an Irish wedding that just can’t be replicated anywhere else. 

Where: Lake Como, Italy

Who: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend; Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Why: Of all the lakes in all the world, there are few more spectacular than Lake Como. Is that a big call? Sure, but seriously, just take another look. Wowzer. The shoreline of Lake Como (or Lago di Como, if we’re being fancy) is dotted with villages and the kind of privately owned villas that put the ‘luxe’ in luxe living. Yep, Lake Como really is la dolce vita, and its wedding game is seriously strong. There is no shortage of would-be wedding venues for you to choose from. Religious ceremonies can be held in the churches and chapels of neighbouring villages, and civil ceremonies can be hosted in ornate Italian gardens, a hotel ballroom or lakeside at an exclusive villa. Say hi to George (Clooney, that is) for us.  

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Where: Provence, France

Who: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Why: Unless you’re not a fan of wine, garlic, good times or postcard-perfect views, we can’t think of many reasons why you wouldn’t want to get married in Provence. From tiny cobbled-street towns and fields of lavender to winding roads clinging to cliff tops and century-old chateaus, Provence is downright seductive. And that’s before we even get to the vineyards and the food. For all of its pros, there is one con to Provence: getting around the legalities of marriage in France can be super tricky, especially if you haven’t done the research. Our tip? Hit up the consulate, embassy and a Provence-based wedding planner to get the low-down. 

Where: New Orleans, USA

Who: Solangé Knowles and Alan Ferguson

Why: Watch out Las Vegas, you might have some competition as America’s go-to place for tying the knot. In fact, New Orleans might just be one of the coolest cities going around. It takes out bragging rights for being the hometown of jazz (and Ellen DeGeneres); there’s a festival or parade pretty much every week; and it has the sort of influence that will make you want to swap out your “G’day”s with “Hey y’all”. New Orleans has a lived-in kind of vibe; the architecture is beautiful but doesn’t make you feel like you’re in a museum. The French Quarter has fine five-star hotels to host your celebration, or you can venture beyond the city boundaries to historic plantations and estates. Couples wanting to go the authentic route can even opt to say ‘I do’ on a riverboat.

Where: The Bahamas

Who: Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem

Why: The Bahamas might already be on your radar as a potential honeymoon spot, but you shouldn’t rule it out as a wedding destination, either. This cluster of islands is ready-made for exploration – or just lolling about on a sunlounger – and there’s an island fit for every style, whether it’s cutting shapes until dawn at a want-for-nothing resort or hitting the high seas for a day of sailing and diving. Getting hitched in the Bahamas is fairly straight-forward: you’ll need to obtain a marriage license and certificate, which are issued at the office of the Registrar General in Nassau. You can apply for the license and certificate on the day of your arrival.

Where: Puglia, Italy

Who: Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

Why: We know what you’re thinking. “Why are so many celebs getting hitched in Italy?!” The simple answer? The food, the scenery, the lifestyle, the culture, the history… you get the picture. Puglia is a region in southern Italy (the stiletto heel of the boot, if you will) that's known for its sun-drenched days, stretches of Mediterranean coastline, houses with conical roofs and Baroque architecture. Puglia tends to be overshadowed by its glitzy, more chaotic older sibling, Campania (the region where you’ll find Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast), but is popular with travellers looking for a less frenetic pace. The food is also a major drawcard. Beaches here are pristine, and you won’t have to battle with hordes of camera-toting tourists to snag a photogenic stretch of sand. Head inland to swap vows at grand farmhouses or resplendent villas. 

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Where: Los Cabos, Mexico

Who: Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

Why: If we were to list all the ways that Los Cabos, the municipality located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, makes a dreamy destination, we’d be here for a while. So we’re sticking to the basics: stretches of white-blonde sand; a coastline of too-blue waters; just-out-of-the-ocean seafood; and the option to either party the night away or camp out on an undisturbed beach. Los Cabos really is a choose-your-own-adventure destination. Be careful not to confuse Los Cabos with Cabo San Lucas – or just “Cabo”, you know, the Mexican city frequented by the cast of Laguna Beach? Cabo San Lucas is one of two main cities in Los Cabos; the other is San Jose del Cabo, the less-chaotic and less crowded cousin. 

Where: Charleston, United States of America

Who: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Why: It’s almost impossible not to get swept up in the historic romanticism of Charleston in South Carolina. When you add the temptation of the local cuisine and the city’s world-famous Southern hospitality, you may find yourself reluctant to leave. In the wedding stakes, Charleston ranks highly: there's a range of quaint churches – every one more charming than the last – and the grand plantation homes have all the makings of a venue your guests won’t soon forget. If The Notebook has ever made an appearance on your movie night roster, you can even tie the knot at Boone Hall Plantation, the elegant structure that was used as Allie’s family’s summer home.

Where: Costa Rica

Who: Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon

Why: Everywhere you look in Costa Rica, you never seem to be too far away from a thundering waterfall, jungle-fringed village or rainforest hike. It’s a total cliché, but Costa Rica is a bonafide slice of paradise. Before you book your venue and plane tickets, you’ll have one decision to make: do you want to swap ‘I do’s back-dropped by a volcano, or is a deserted beach more your style? Whichever you choose, rest easy knowing that neither will disappoint. Costa Rica isn’t yet experiencing hordes of newlyweds or wedding parties, so it could be the perfect place if you’re seeking a destination wedding with impressive bragging rights. To make the most of everything Costa Rica has to offer – rushing whitewater rapids, canopy zip-lines, abundant wildlife, world-class diving – encourage your guests to arrive early or to hang around for a few days after the wedding. 

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