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Warning: serious honeymoon envy ahead

Europe Honeymoons Florence
Ah, the honeymoon. This is your chance to spend alone time with your new hubby, where your only concerns are what bikini to wear and if that freestanding bathtub is big enough for two.  
And while you may think you won't venture far beyond the cushioned confines of your king-size bed, chances are that you will and when you do, you want to make sure the city you're in has all the trappings of your dream honeymoon: romance by the bucket-load, cuisine worthy of #foodporn status and plenty of photo opportunities for you to show off back home. 

Enter Europe, a honeymoon destination where jumping between countries is as easy as buying a train ticket and where there's more to see than you could ever hope to squeeze into one trip. And the best part? A European honeymoon means you don't have to pick just one city to visit (if you do though, that's totally fine too).

So, where do you start? It's all about knowing what you want out of your honeymoon. You could close your eyes and blindly point at a map, but why risk ending up in Siberia (unless snow is your thing) when the hard work has already been done for you? We've shortlisted 10 dreamy European cities that have something for every honeymooner and that should definitely be making appearance on your bucket list. All that's left for you to do is book that plane ticket.  

If you want maximum romance... Paris, France

Europe Honeymoons Paris
Quit rolling your eyes, this inclusion isn’t a cliché. It’s Paris, and we’re talking honeymoons, so the City of Love was always going to get a mention. And why wouldn’t it? Days here are spent visiting iconic monuments, exploring sprawling flea markets, sipping espressos at cafes, strolling hand-in-hand through lush gardens and, of course, eating all the patisserie you can get your mitts on. 

If you've done the major cities and want something new... Copenhagen, Denmark

Europe Honeymoon Copenhagen
A city easily recognisable by its brightly-hued houses lined up along the water, Copenhagen makes regular appearances in the top five of ‘most liveable city’ lists. Make sure you elbow your way through the crowds to get a peek at the Little Mermaid statue, and while away an afternoon in Tivoli Gardens, riding the century-old roller-coaster or kicking back to watch the Saturday evening fireworks. Copenhagen isn’t a cheap city though, so if you’re looking for a lavish, indulgent honeymoon, start saving your spare change. 

If you're a night-owl... Prague, Czech Republic

Europe Honeymoon Prague
We’ll start with the obvious: Prague is popular, really popular, especially in summer, so be prepared to jostle with crowds for prime position on Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. It’s not all people dodging though: Prague is a maze of winding lanes and hidden courtyards perfect for aimless wandering. And for those whose husband fancies himself a beer connoisseur, he’s in for a treat: the drinking culture here is top-notch – you can even order a beer without speaking. 

If you want to impress your hipster Instagram followers... Ljubljana, Slovenia

Europe Honeymoons Ljubljana
Sure, it can be hard to say (think lyoob-lya-nah) but don’t let stop you putting Ljubljana at the top of your honeymoon hit-list. In summer, the Slovenian capital sees cafes set up terrace seating along the banks of the Ljubljanica River (hello, romantic sundowners). There are cathedrals and museums to visit – jump on a bike, the city centre is very pedal-friendly – and a day trip out of the city offers caves, castles and lakes. 

If you can't go two weeks without your bike... Amsterdam, Netherlands

Europe Honeymoon Amsterdam
Forget what you know about seedy street corners and ladies in red windows: Amsterdam is a beautiful city where you have art, history, poffertjes and cheese at your fingertips. To best explore the winding streets and alleys, hire a bike and spend an afternoon getting lost. One warning: cycling here is considered serious business, so if you’re a bit rusty on the old push-bike, make sure to get in some practice before you fly out. 

If you're looking for la dolce vita... Florence, Italy

Europe Honeymoons Florence
Loved-up couples and hopeless romantics have long been seduced by Florence. You’ll wander down the same streets as Michelangelo, feast on plates of pasta on terraces overlooking the river Arno and work your way through Tuscany’s famed cellar doors. If you’re on a tight schedule you won’t get to see all of Firenze, but that’s okay, you’ll just have to come back. 

If you want to go where in-the-know couples go... Dubrovnik, Croatia

With its marble streets, Baroque buildings and imposing seaside fortress, it’s no wonder that Lord Byron dubbed this city “the pearl of the Adriatic.” The Croatian cuisine is amazing – think cheese, cured meats, black risotto and fish stew – so leave your body-con dress at home; you can also work off any over-indulgence by walking along the ancient city walls. Or, if you just want to lie in the sun and swim in the azure ocean, the pebble beaches are brilliant. 

If you want sand, sun and sangria... San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian
We hope you're hungry, because it would be a challenge (if not impossible) for even the most fussiest of foodies not to fall for the charms of San Sebastián. Whether you prefer Michelin-starred fare or plates laden with pinxtos, you're sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds. Grab your beach towel and head to one of two sandy stretches: the Playa de la Concha or Playa de Gros, and when the sun sets, head into the Old Town for more pinxtos and a glass of kalimotxo (that's red wine mixed with coca-cola). Biarritz is close by too if you’re in the mood for border-hopping. 

If you want an out-of-the-box adventure... Reykjavik, Iceland

Europe Honeymoons Reykjavik
For a honeymoon that’s out of the ordinary – and the gives you serious bragging rights – head to the world’s most northerly capital. In summer, the city sees 22-hours of daylight, giving you ample time to explore the restaurants, galleries and lively music scene. No, you won’t be able to top up your tan on the beach, but we think soaking in a geo-thermal spa as the aurora borealis flickers overhead is a pretty good plan B. 

If you can't decide between East or West... Istanbul, Turkey

Europe Honeymoons Istanbul
There’s an easy solution: tick off both continents with a sojourn to this city, the metropolis where Europe and Asia meet. Sultanhment is brimming with mosques, kepab stores, bazaars and palaces, but it’s definitely worth venturing out of the Old City to explore. And when your feet grow weary, a trip to a hammam is a must – sorry, no couples massage rooms here – for a scrub and steam.

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