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The big day 'dos inspired by your fave TV characters

#hairenvy is real and, other than a red carpet event or the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, it’s never stronger than when you’re (binge) watching your favourite TV series…
The silver screen shouldn’t just be your go-to for a Friday night marathon with the girls; it’s also a bounty of wedding inspo. We could go on and on about all the ways you can take your wedding cues from television, but we thought we’d start at the top – literally. The perfect big day 'do is a topic many brides dedicate countless hours and Pinterest boards to, but we reckon you only need to glance at the telly to find all the inspiration you need. We’ve rounded up 12 wedding-ready styles, as rocked by some of our most-loved TV characters – both fictional and non-fictional – and asked three top-notch hair and make-up artists how you can achieve these looks yourself.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

For this 'do, you need to start with detangled hair, so give your locks a quick brush then pull them up into a high ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie, but don’t pull your hair all the way through the band. “Leave half to a third of your hair hanging out the bottom as a tail, while the remaining portion of your hair will create a look in the upper part of the ponytail,” says Vivian Ashworth, a Melbourne hair and make-up artist. Wrap the tail around the base of your ponytail to hide the band and secure it with bobby pins, then centre the loop and pin each side down to the scalp; finish by spraying with hairspray. Voila! A bun Carrie Bradshaw would be proud of. If you want a slightly undone version of this look, Vivian suggests pulling out some loose strands or pinning small strands in a couple of other directions.

Olivia Palermo from The City

To recreate Olivia’s (immaculate) ‘do, you’ll need to start by parting your hair down the middle and sectioning off large segments of your hair. Use a large barrelled curling wand to curl each section – avoid using a straightening iron because this will flatten the curls. For super-strength curls that’ll go the distance on your wedding day, you could even lightly spritz each section with hairspray before wrapping it around the curling wand. Once you’ve created a gorgeous head of curls, section the hair from the centre downwards until you have however much you want to pin up. “Tease underneath this section then pin back, and repeat on the opposite side,” says Jessica Kramp from Brush & Brows. “For extra volume you can add clip-in hair extensions. The extensions can be pre-curled, just run your fingers through to loosen them and blend the curls with your own.” We love this look paired with a killer pair of chandelier earrings!

Etsy headpiece
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Scroll-worthy #hairporn ahead.

Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

Va-va-voom! For Blake Lively’s Gossip Girl locks, preparation and product is key, says Georgia Hull, a Sydney-based hair and make-up guru. “I would apply a volume mousse from the roots all the way down to the tips of your hair, making sure there is an even coverage of the product. Next, blow dry the product into your hair.” When your hair is totally dry, make a part on whichever side you like and, with a curling iron, curl sections horizontally, in pieces no bigger than the width of the iron. “Make sure the hair is curled over and under the barrel of the tongs, not under and up. Repeat all over the head and secure the curls in place with small section clips – the clips should go in the sections where the hair was curled under the iron – and leave in until the hair has completely cooled." When you’ve removed the clips, take a long-toothed brush and gently brush the curls through and into the desired shape. Finish with a strong hold hairspray to set. 

Betty Draper from Mad Men

Good news! There's no secret trick to nailing Betty Draper's 1960s ‘do; it’s done the same way as Serena Van Der Woodsen’s. The only difference is that you’re (obviously) working with less hair. Even those with long hair who want to rock a bob for a night can do it. “Set and style the hair the same way as above, but then roll and tuck the hair up and under to where your neck meets the neckline,” says Georgia. “Then pin to create a bob or a shorter length!”

Marissa Cooper from The O.C.

For a classic and simple look like Mischa Barton in The O.C., start by blow-waving your hair with a large ceramic round brush to give body and height. “Next, add a volumising powder to the roots of your hair at the crown of your head and tease in sections using a hard-bristled teasing comb,” explains Jess. Smooth over the teased section with your hands to remove any frizz, sweep it to the back of your head and secure; your ears should be exposed for a half-up, half-down ‘do. Jess also recommends leaving out a side-swept fringe or pulling out a few wispy strands of hair around the face to keep the style relaxed and modern. How easy is that? We don’t think we’ll be the only ones adding this look to our day-to-day hair repertoire…

Olivia Pope from Scandal

To replicate this #bosslady’s 'do, start by towel-drying your hair and combing it into a side part. Next, blast your locks with a hairdryer until it’s almost dry, then work your styling product – a smoothing cream or lotion – through your hair, starting an inch down from the roots and finishing up at the ends. “Now, divide your hair into four sections from ear-to-ear and top-to-bottom,” explains Vivian. “Secure each section with a clip or pins, then starting at the back of your head, pull a small piece of hair out from one section. Use a large round brush and direct the nozzle of your hairdryer right into the roots of your hair.” Leave each section of hair wrapped around the brush until it’s cool, then work through the remaining sections until your locks are totally dry. If you don’t want too much bounce, pull the brush in a downward direction, rather than curling it around. Finish the look with gloss spray or shine serum – remember to massage it into your palms first – and then flexible-hold hairspray.

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Curling tongs at the ready? Excellent. First, brush your hair and divide it into small sections. Use your tongs to curl each section, then part your hair however you normally wear it and create an extra part (close to your face) for the hair you want to braid. “Make sure you have a nice rectangular section of hair," says Vivian. "You’re going to be braiding the larger section of hair and then end above your hair.” The bottom layer of hair should be left loose underneath the section you want to braid; to prevent rogue strands from getting tangled, you can secure your remaining locks in a ponytail or clip. To start the braid, take a small rectangular section of hair from the centre of the larger section and separate it into three pieces. “Cross the rightmost piece over the centre piece, then add some hair into what was the right strand – and is now the centre piece – from the right side,” explains Vivian. “Cross the leftmost section over the centre piece and add some hair to what used to be the left strand from the left side.” Continue braiding until you’ve used up all of the loose hair and secure with a hair elastic. Don’t want to stop at just one braid? You could do a second one on the other side or even split the larger sections up into two to create double the braid action on each side. 

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl

Don’t put that curling wand down just yet, because you’ll need it for Gossip Girl’s Queen Bee’s style too. This look is all about texture, so apply a setting spray into your locks, working it through section by section, before curling strands with a large barrelled wand. “Once all of your hair is complete, run your fingers through it to break up the curls and create soft waves,” suggest Jessica. “You can also add volumising powder at the roots for extra height.” Pin the curls back, just below the crown of your head, to create a full and textured bun-style ‘do. To be honest though, there are no hard and fast rules on which way you pin the curls, just go with what works for you. When your locks are secured, spray some Moroccan oil hairspray for shine and hold. 

Emily Thorne from Revenge

Keen for a wedding day style that wouldn’t look out of place in the Hamptons? Run a hair straightener over dry hair to tame any frizzy flyaways. With a comb or even your fingernail, create a side part, smooth your locks behind your ears and gather the hair up at the nape of your neck. “Twist the hair gently to the ends, then wrap and coil into a bun shape,” says Jess. “Secure the bun with bobby pins, and pull and mould into the desired shape. Add a finishing spray for extra shine.” You can leave this look as it is, but it’s easy to jazz it up too. A bunch of fresh flowers would look beautiful pinned in next to the bun; while a flower crown or metal-leaf headband would make on-trend additions.

Whitney Port from The Hills and The City

“This is a simple but very sweet and pretty hair style!” says Georgia. First up, give your hair a quick blow-dry to smooth it out and add shine. When it’s time for the braid (if you’re unsure of how to nail a French braid, check out the tips in the Khaleesi how-to), Georgia suggests spraying each piece of hair with hairspray, combing it through, and then working the strand back into the braid. This will make sure every section is smooth and runs flat against the head; it also prevents flyaways. “After you finish braiding the hair to what height you want, secure it with a hair tie and wrap a small piece around the band to conceal and complete the look."

Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach and The Hills

Volume, volume, volume. That’s what Lauren Conrad’s (or LC, if we’re being casual) up-do is all about, and the best part is that this style looks more complicated than it actually is. “I would use a thickening spray on the roots of the hair where you want the most volume and lift, concentrating on the front section of the head. Then for texture, use a sea salt spray throughout the hair and blow-dry both products into the hair, making sure to lift and heat the roots for plenty of volume.” Georgia then recommends dividing your locks into three sections: the front, the crown and the bottom. With the bottom section of hair, create a bun and pin down – this bun will be the base that you’ll pin the other sections of hair to. “Next, loosely curl the front and crown sections of hair for movement and texture. Then, work from the crown to the front of the head by pinning the curls, braiding, plaiting and wrapping pieces of hair around the bun you created with the bottom section of hair.” Make a single plait from the front section of hair, pull it back and pin into the bun. Done!

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