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The wedding flower trends brides can't get enough of

Wedding flowers
For a unique take on your bouquet, you need to think outside of the flower box - and maybe even take a peek in your fridge.
Walking down the aisle to meet your beloved is kind of a big deal. Apart from the fact you’re about to get hitched, it’s also the moment when those months of dress fittings, make-up trials and fake tan experiments magically come together to create your dream bridal look. It also means show time for THE bouquet you spent hours searching for on Pinterest, and the latest trend in these floral masterpieces is… not to go floral at all. So, prepare to ditch those roses, peonies and baby's breath and check out these gorgeous alternatives to traditional blooms.

You can find out the full scoop on these trends in the June issue of Bride, but we're in a sharing mood so are giving you a sneak peek now...

For something that gives serious desert feels...

Typically found in hot, dry areas (and the balconies of people who can’t keep other plants alive), succulents are characterised by their thick leaves and muted colours. Brides seeking a unique, understated bouquet with shades of green and purple should look for blooms like purple pachyveria, crassula moonglow, kalanchoe blooms, echeveria azulita and variegated bear's paw. Emma Mobbs from Wedding Flowers by Emma Elise says the longevity of succulents means they can be kept as a keepsake of your big day (bonus!). “Some varieties will even grow new roots after they have been cut off.” If you don't want to stop as succulents in just your bouquets, they also make for rustic-chic centrepieces.
Wedding flowers

For something you'd normally put on a pavlova...

Out of the dessert bowl and into the bouquet, berries come in a variety of sizes and colours, from deep blues and purples to bright reds and pinks. They work well when mixed in with other flowers or plants to break up the colour palette or to complement the design you've already picked out; they are also a gorgeous replacement for traditional space fillers like baby's breath and other small flowers. To take this trend to another level, consider having a whole bunch of berries. The long stems can be lashed together for a base, and using a painter's palette of colours means you'll have a brightly hued bouquet that's looks just as good as blooms. The availability of berries changes from season to season, so it's always best to check with your florist before locking this option in.  
Wedding flowers

For something you can pick up on the grocery shop...

Fancy a sneaky snack as you're walking down the aisle? An edible bouquet will do the trick! Quirky brides are dressing up their floral arrangements and turning them into mini farmers' markets. “Ornamental vegetables such as kale, corn and artichoke are quite common and hold up well in bouquets,” says Emma Farmer from Emma Louise Flowers, with artichoke hearts a popular centrepiece. Jessie Love from Lovely Bridal Blooms says even the more unusual veggies are being requested, even fresh olives. If you've been guilty of hiding your veggies under a napkin, fruits such as strawberries, grapes and crabapples make an equally good-looking alternative. 
Wedding flowers
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For something you can sweep up with a rake...

Want to keep it simple, but flowers aren't really your thing? “Green bouquets are also becoming quite popular – these are bouquets with no flowers and simply a variety of different greenery and leaves from different plants,” Farmer says. An all-green bouquet can be tailored to suit your wedding's theme, and can include plants like vines, watlle, twigs and even leaves. If that's too much green for you, incorporating plants that are reds, purples, oranges and yellows can be done too - you just need to find out what's in season for your big day. 
Wedding flowers
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