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The 5 must-have moments for your wedding album

If your photographer only gets five pictures on your big day, make them these ones.
Interviewing your wedding photographer is like going on a first date: slightly awkward moments on both sides, as you hope for the right chemistry so that you’ll both walk away with a smile. What do you say? What do you ask? It can be a rabbit warren of confusion. To simplify the process, we’ve skipped the strained chitchat and have gone straight to the photographers to find out the main snaps that should be on every couple’s shot list. 

The shot-worthy specifics

It’s all about the details, details and details, says Ben Yew from Ben Yew Photography. “Couples put so much effort into creating something amazing, so the first shots have to be of the rings, the bouquet, the dress, the earrings,” he explains. “On the wedding day, the couple might not get to see everything because they’re too busy, so we need to capture those things.”

The reveal

The bride getting into her dress, putting on her jewels and perfecting the final touches must be captures for Jason van Koll from JVK Photography; so is the moment the bride then shares with her parents. “When the dress is on, the expression between the mother and the bride is incredible,” Jason says. “So is the moment the father sees the bride for the first time.”

The two-in-one

Shooting the walk down the aisle is an obvious shot, but Jason also likes to capture the moment the groom gets his first glimpse of the bride. “It’s an emotive image. Brides fall in love with the photo every time.”

The changeover

Once the bride arrives at the altar, Mel Hobbs from Infinity Photography makes sure to capture the moment she is given away. “When the bride is passed over to the groom is symbolic,” she says. This shot, when paired with the bride’s grand entrance, make beautiful bookends to the walk down the aisle.

The kiss

This one is a no-brainer for Roger Rosentreter from Popcorn Photography, and is a moment that should be shot from different perspectives, including a long shot and tight close-up.

For more tips from these top photographers on how to nail your wedding pictures, pick up the current issue of Bride magazine, out now at leading newsagencies. 
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