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6 ways to get wedding fit without stepping foot in the gym

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Hitting the gym for a serious sweat sesh isn't for everyone and that's fine - it's also totally understandable. 

What's also understandable however, is you wanting to look like your most beautiful self on your wedding day and if that means you want to shift a few kilos, so be it. Unfortunately, it's not enough to just will your muffin top to disappear, you're actually going to have to put some effort in. That doesn't mean you can't have fun doing it though; there are a handful of iron-pumping alternatives that will give you the bod you want without leaving you in a gasping-for-air, sweating-like-Niagara-Falls heap. 


You don’t have to be a sugar-plum fairy to live out your dreams of being Natalie Portman in Black Swan: you just need to sign up for Barre. The classes blend ballet and Pilates to create moves that will lift your booty and tighten that tummy. There is a strong focus on proper posture and alignment – shoulders away from your ears, ladies – with cardio sequences added to burn extra calories. No tutus required. 

Aerial yoga

Tired of traditional downward-dogs? How about in a hammock? That’s right a hammock: it’s called aerial yoga and it will turn your butterfly pose on its head. Supported by silk slings, your spine will lengthen and your posture will extend; regular aerial yogis will begin to feel their bod became lighter, longer and leaner. Namaste. 


Your inner child will love this one: it’s exercise on a trampoline. Even though the big focus is on having fun – you’re on a trampoline after all – don’t get complacent, you’re definitely going to work hard. These 45-minute classes are high-intensity, low-impact cardio workouts that blast your core, improve muscle tone and lift your heart rate. Think bouncing your way to a banging bod. 

Pole dancing

If sculpting yourself some killer pins and honing your seduction skills – for the wedding night, of course – is high on your wedding checklist, grab your highest heels, your booty shorts and head to a pole-dancing studio. This intense workout combines dance, gymnastics and strength exercises that make for a challenging discipline. For those feeling jittery, rope in your bridesmaids. 

Circus classes 

Even if you don’t want to run away with the circus, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up its tricks – and use those skills to get into shape for your big day. For brides with high-flying dreams, there are aerial disciplines include flying trapeze, cloud swing and corde lisse (circus speak for hanging on a rope). If you prefer keeping your feet firmly on the ground, try juggling, tumbling or even contortion. 


Stressed about seating plans, centrepieces and finding invitations with just the right shade of peach? You need to strap on the gloves and take some well-aimed jabs at a boxing bag – or your sparring partner. Even laid-back brides will love boxing: it’s a great way to up your heart rate, tone your arms and increase your cardio. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a Muay Thai or kickboxing class. 
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