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6 looks to rock for your engagement shoot, including a pineapple skirt

Sure, your engagement shoot is about being cutesy and sweet, and showing off just how loved-up you are. 
But, let's be honest, it's also about the outfit. You need an ensemble that looks amazing (of course) and that also fits in with whatever your photographer has you and your man doing, be it splashing about barefoot on the beach, visiting your local laundromat or walking through a far-flung field – because everyone knows what happens when thin stiletto heels meet the outdoors (hint: it's not good). If you're not a girl that usually wears a dress and heels, you shouldn't feel as though you have to for your shoot. Put simply, if you don't feel comfortable, you won't look comfortable in the photographs. 

So, with that in mind (and because we have a bit of an obsession with making flat-lays), we've put together six inspirational sets that look beautiful worn just as they are, or that can be easily tweaked to suit your own style. 

Engagement Shoot Look 1

Shorts are good; chic, tailored shorts that can be worn with beaded flats are even better. This look is simple and that's just how we like it: keeping the accessories to a minimum makes sure the focus stays on you and your fiancee.
Engagement Shoot Look 2

What happens when stripes meet denim and a slick of red lipstick? Answer: a classically beautiful pairing that can be worn anywhere from the beach to your local cafe and your favourite picnic spot in the park. 

Coloured chalk engagement shoot
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Engagement Shoot Look 3

How do you make us love pineapples even more, without having to put them in a pina colada? You wear a pineapple print skirt, of course. For those considering a destination wedding, donning a tropical-inspired print is a quirky way of giving a hint to everyone about how you're planning to tie the knot.
Engagement Shoot Look 4

This cute, laid back look works even as the weather is becoming cooler, just add a pair of tights and a denim jacket.
Engagement Rings Bario Neal
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Engagement Shoot Look 5

Are you ready to feel cosy, comfortable and cool all at the same time? Dressing up your favourite pair of jeans means is both practical and pretty: you won't have to splash out on an entirely new outfit (unless, of course, you want to!) and you'll look awesome. Win. 

Engagement Shoot Look 6

Hello, sleek and sophisticated. If you're planning on taking some dusk or evening shots, this trouser and crop look make for a cracking combination. This would also work for an indoor shoot, so if you've got your heart set on frolicking in a field, it's probably best to leave the burgundy pumps at home. 
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