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Aca-scuse me? Why Anna Kendrick is the ultimate wedding guest

Okay, so it's not like we've ever seen her in action at a real wedding, but in our heads she ranks pretty highly on the dream guest list. 
Picking who you do (and don't) want to come to your wedding is no small thing. You've got family and friends, work acquaintances and that old neighbour who your mum insists is in the 'Yes' column. And then there's your budget, the capacity of your venue and balancing everyone else's expectations. It can be tough. For us though, there's one invitee who is an automatic yes: Anna Kendrick (aka Pitch Perfect's Becca). And why wouldn't she be? She can crack a funny, write poignant yet sarcastic tweets like nobody else in show biz and she's friends with Meryl Streep. In our books, that puts her straight to the top of our celebrity wedding guest wish-list. 

1. She loves Beyoncé. And that's pretty much reason enough...

It's true, she's just like the rest of us: she turns into a total fangirl in Queen Bey's presence. Anna would probably also know all the lyrics to Bey's most famous tunes, so you know a d-floor battle is imminent. 

2. If your wedding singer just isn't cutting it, Anna can step in...

Take a squiz at Anna's CV and you'll see powerhouse musicals where she's hit high note after high note, so belting out a few ballads at your reception would be a piece of cake. 

3. She'd live tweet your big day like a boss...

Her normal tweets are entertaining - and weirdly accurate - enough, so when you add in an event like 'Peter Pan Live' or the 2015 NFL Superbowl, Anna Kendrick's Twitter feed goes into overdrive. 

4. When your feet are sore and you want out of your dress, she'll be the first to suggest an outfit change...

Because, comfort.

5. She'd make sure you wouldn't go hungry...

It's clear this girl knows the importance of proper sustenance: she has a not-so-secret obsession with Taco Bell and thinks it's totally acceptable to pass off a cupcake as breakfast because it has cream cheese icing (which it definitely is). 

6. She's not afraid to dish out #truthbombs...

That includes telling your second cousin, who's trying to steal your thunder, to rein her diva antics in.

7. You can give her a plus one and know she won't bring along a dud...

And yes, you'll probably want to give her her own table just so you can see who she brings. We'd be keeping our fingers crossed for George Clooney or Chace Crawford... because former co-stars always invite one another to random weddings, right?

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