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The wedding dance: ideas to put a flair in your step (get it?!)

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You are either looking forward to the wedding dance, or you’re completely dreading it (or have an unwilling man on your hands).

Traditionally, couples have gone for the “bridal waltz”, booking classes, and performing the dance as a “symbol of their dedication to building a mutual future”. But it’s 2014. Whilst learning the waltz or the rumba (or just swaying and twirling) is still a great idea, a lot of couples are opting to blend tradition with a bit of flair. Not only are you livening up the pace of the night, but you get to show-off your epic dance moves (we know you have them). 

A lot of people wonder how to order the first dance and other dances like the father/daughter dance. If you’re going to have an epic dance-off toward the end of your formal first dance, it might be wise to put other formal dances, if you choose to include them, before (like the father/daughter dance). 

Remember everything is up to you, and you don’t have to follow the traditional order of things. Solange Knowles did a mother/son dance after all. Some people choose to do a slow first dance after entering the reception, then do the father/daughter dance and fun dancing later on in the night. Better yet, the groomsmen or bridesmaids can get together and choreograph a dance bound to go viral.

Whatever you choose, and however you decide to do it, we scoured YouTube to find some wedding dance inspiration. Warning: some will make you laugh, and some will make you cry (currently sobbing behind the computer screen because of the last video...).

But maybe avoid this...

And if your man is the dancer...

This is sort of what we were talking about. It’s definitely a first dance...with..flair.

Or this...but then he raps..then she raps...

An entrance like no other. We had to.

How to sway effectively (then dance to I like Big Butts and Milkshake)

The cutest vid of all:

And if you’re after a bit of a teary moment:

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