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All the ingredients for an OTT wedding

1. Book out an entire hotel or castle, and also the adjacent building.

If you have paparazzi following you everywhere that’s just what you do. It's what JT and Jessica Biel did anyway. 

2. Elephants.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry, and Joel Madden and Nicole Richie had these graceful giants at their nuptials. It’s said that having elephants gives you a 50% chance of staying married. 

3. A guest list longer than your arm (and leg).

That’s what happens when you’re just that important and need to have a few hundred guests. It took JFK and Jackie TWO HOURS to shake the hands of all their guests.

4. You really do need a castle.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Guy Ritchie and Madonna, David and Victoria Beckham, and Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar all had one... so, naturally, you should too. 

5. Have a carat-laden ring and broadcast your wedding on E!

This might also lead to your marriage lasting less than three months (72 days if we're being exact), but hey, you were on the telly!

6. For your third wedding, a wall of flowers and parties in at least two European cities is a must.

A castle for the ceremony is non-negotiable (see ladies, you definitely need a castle). You’ll also require private jets, secret locations, world-renowned chefs, and everyone must be clad in couture. And since there's no point breaking with tradition, this wedding will also be broadcast on E!

7. Invite Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Just because. 

8. And lastly, if you can bag a prince as your husband... do that.

Then you can spend taxpayers money! It’s estimated these two spent around $34 million... maybe more. It’s okay though, Will saved some cash by proposing with his mother’s engagement ring. Two billion people will watch your wedding on TV too, so make sure your don't muddle up his middle names during your vows. 

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