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The must-know beauty tips for hot weather weddings

Beauty tips for hot weather weddings
Headed somewhere hot or humid? Enter a high chance of frizzy flyaways and shiny skin.
It’s one of the toughest bridal beauty battles going around. And if you’re getting hitched in a destination where the temps are known to soar, knowing how to achieve no-melt make-up and humidity defying ‘dos is a must. In fact, it’s probably a skill that’ll come in handy whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or just going on holiday. That’s why we’ve pulled together these super helpful tips and tricks, as well as some product suggestions for your travel make-up bag.

What you need to know

So where do you start? Simple: it’s all in the planning. Getting to know your destination’s climate is the first step in understanding what beauty prep you'll need to do. Do the temperatures skyrocket during certain months? Is it a dry heat? Could there be a chance of torrential rain or monsoons? You don't have to become a bonafide meteorologist, just hit up your destination’s tourism organisation or website. You should be able to find a breakdown of the area’s climate, plus any other seasonal forecasts.

Even if you're planning on doing your own hair and make-up, it’s still a good idea to book in a trial before the big day. You’ll have the chance to ask heaps of questions, get product recommendations and pinch some of your hair and make-up artist's tricks. You’ll also get a sense of how long your look takes to put together. Once you've been made up, put your chosen style through its paces by sussing out how it holds up when you sweat or when it’s exposed to wind. This will give you an idea of its staying power. One of the last things you want on the day is rogue strands of hair getting stuck in your lip gloss. Eeek. 

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The hair how-to

Beauty tips for hot weather weddings
The best ‘dos start with great prep. Dry hair is super absorbent so to discourage flyaways and frizz, make sure your locks are well moisturised beforehand. This can be done using a top-shelf conditioner, moisture-boosting oils or a restorative treatment. Blasting your tresses with a blow dryer on the big day will also dry it, so talk to your hairdresser about working with naturally dried hair. A heat-resistant balm or serum will also help fight the frizz factor. 

When it’s time to decide on a style, a couple of things come into play. Updos and shorter styles unsurprisingly work well in humid conditions, but longer hair has more weight, which can also help minimise frizz. A relaxed, loose look might also suit your destination. You’ll also need to think about how your hair reacts to humidity (does it double in size like Monica’s mane in Friends?). And if you’re prone to sweating, beware the dreaded back of the neck air trap. 

Boho brides could rock fishtail braids (these beauties won’t get knotty on a breezy beach) or loose I-woke-up-like-this curls; adding a spritz of sea-salt spray will play up your natural texture with this one. There are also plenty of options for buns – low, loose, messy or a top knot. You can work braids into a bun too, as well as hair-pieces, clips and flowers. If you’re set on wearing your hair down, consider a half-up, half-down look. This will keep your hair off your face and you’ll also be less likely to play with any loose strands (oil won’t transfer from your face or hands onto your hair, so it’ll stay fresher for longer).
The best ‘dos start with great prep. Dry hair is super absorbent so to discourage flyaways and frizz, make sure your locks are well moisturised beforehand.

When you need to master your make-up

Beauty tips for hot weather weddings
It’s time to get better acquainted with oil-free formulas that will ensure your skin isn’t overloaded. Brides who don’t like moisturisers can use lightweight serums. A good primer is essential for long-lasting make-up in any climate, but when you’re dealing with hot temperatures and high humidity it’ll become your new best friend (because nothing says “I’m overheating” quite like a glossy T-zone). Laura Mercier and Nars both have incredible oil-free primers. 

The same oil-free philosophy applies to your foundation. Try to stick to a medium to natural coverage - anything too heavy might make you feel uncomfortable and could speed up your skin's shininess. If you’re pre-bronzing for the big day, make sure to match your foundation and concealer to the shade of your tan. And let’s not forget the SPF, another must. There is a myth that SPF shows up in photographs – that the SPF reflects light and can make your face look ghosty or like you’re wearing talcum powder – but that’s generally only the case with a direct flash. Most photographers use an indirect or bounce flash (industry terms for a flash that bounces off the wall or ceiling), but it’s still worth checking in with yours to put your mind at ease.

Using a setting powder to finish your look is an oldie but a goodie – it'll do wonders for squashing shine. A pressed powder will work well or you can use a blot powder down your T-zone. Build up lighter layers of powder to avoid looking cakey. You could also use a setting spray.

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What to pack in your beauty bag

Beauty tips for hot weather weddings
Here are some of our fave products to stash in your make-up bag. You might want to think about packing a few essentials in your clutch for the big day too, because unless you have a glam squad following you around all day, you're probably going to need a few touch-ups...

  • Small comb or Tangle Teezer
  • Can of strong-hold hairspray 
  • Blotting paper (guaranteed to come to your rescue if a shiny T-zone strikes; use it for blotting lippy too)
  • Beauty blender or small sponge
  • Loose powder or a compact
  • As many bobby pins as you can carry
  • Moisture-boosting hair mask sachet (there are heaps of recipes for DIY hair masks, but having a ready-made one on hand is still a good idea)
  • Waterproof mascara and eyeliner
  • Aloe vera
  • Heat-resistant hair balm
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