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9 beauty tutorials to nail your make-up for any wedding event

Wedding beauty makeup
A bride’s make-up doesn’t start and end with the look she wears on the big day. 
There's the engagement party, hen's do, kitchen tea, bridal shower... you get the idea. The idea of living like an A-lister and enlisting the help of a make-up artist for each event is tempting, but it's not realistic for every bride. That's where your own make-up talents come in. And while the idea of DIY might sound daunting at first, we've got a secret to share: it's not that scary. In fact, if you put in some practice, we're pretty confident you'll quickly find yourself blending, concealing and highlighting like a pro. With that in mind, we've trawled YouTube to find nine of the best make-up tutorials and matched them up with some of your upcoming events. Brushes at the ready, ladies...

For your engagement party

Some beauty looks work for any kind of event, and this old-Hollywood inspired make-up is one of them. We love the vintage molten golds and coppery tones for an evening engagement ‘do. Don’t usually wear a deep red lip? Swap it for a lighter shade of lippy or even a tinted balm.  

For an engagement shoot

A freshly-engaged glow might be all you need for your pre-wedding snaps, but if you want to look especially radiant, something natural will do the trick. You won’t need any special buys for this look – your beauty bag probably already has all the products you need. And when this look only takes 10 minutes to do, you might find yourself using it for everyday wear too. 

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For a kitchen tea

Bold lips and smoky eyes are gorgeous, but fresh, dewy make-up can be just as beautiful too. A kitchen tea makes a lovely occasion to wear a softer style. The cool metallics of this look are bright and clean, and we’re obsessed with the flawless, radiant skin. This look doesn’t take too much extra graft than Chloe Morello's natural look above, either.

For your hen's do

A slick of glitter or brightly hued eyeliner can take any make-up look up a level, and we can’t think of a better event to give it a try than a hen’s night. It’s also a fun spin on traditional black liner, so it’s perfect for ladies looking to stand out. This style would look fab with a darker lip too, and if pink isn’t your colour, just swap it out for your usual lippy. 

For a bridal shower

We love the dusty rose from this tutorial and have a feeling you probably will too. The pinkish hues are elegant and feminine, making a sweet look for an afternoon bridal shower. The lip colour on this one isn't a must either, so if a swipe of clear gloss or just-tinted balm is your thing, have at it.

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For the big day

When you want a smoky eye

The smoky eye: it's a classic long-loved by brides, supermodels, make-up artists and everyone in between. It can be tricky to master the art of this perfectly blended look though. You don't want your end result to be too dark and heavy, but you also don't want people to think you have a black eye. That's why we've fallen for Lisa Eldridge's take: it's spot-on for weddings, simple to pick up and will work for every skin tone. 

When you want a bold lip

Wearing a bright lipstick on the big day can be a bit risky, simply because of the smudge factor, but if it's a style you wear IRL then we say go for it! Whether you go for matte or glossy, a light or dark shade, just be sure to pop the lippy in your clutch ready for top-ups.

When you want to master the art of contouring

The contouring craze swept through YouTube tutorials like wildfire, because of its knack for highlighting, sculpting and creating enviable bone structure. 'Practice makes perfect' is a golden rule of contouring like a pro, so make sure to put in some prep time well before the big day. 

When you want a classic beauty

Thinking about walking in Kate Middleton’s shoes and marrying a prince doing your own big day make-up? Here’s a how-to for a classic bridal look we can’t stop watching…

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