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Bespoke bridal showers

wedding planning - hens night relaxing pamper
A bridal shower is the perfect day to get all the girls together: mothers, grandmothers, sisters and girlfriends. It’s a time to celebrate the upcoming nuptials, glean some wedding wisdom, and enjoy yourselves!
If you’re a maid or close friend with the task of planning a shower, you might want to try one of these ideas to make your event more than just tea, cake and presents:

•   Is your bride interested in cooking, gardening, golf or music? Whatever her interests, you can choose to plan your party around it, and ask guests to bring suitably themed gifts.
•   Allocate each guest a room of the house, and ask them to bring a bag of goodies for the bride-to-be’s kitchen, bathroom, lounge or outdoors.
•   Have a honeymoon shower, and let the fun begin before the wedding is even over. Is the bride travelling somewhere exotic? Or is there a place she’s always wanted to visit? Theme your shower around this, using Hawaiian cocktails or Parisian macarons.
•   An indulging relaxation shower could be a great way to pamper all the special women in the bride’s life with massages, facials and luxurious finger food. Guests could bring pampering gifts for the bride to enjoy after the day is over.

Remember that not all themes suit every bride, so make sure you tailor the day to the bride’s specific tastes and interests. Personalising the event can give her a day - other than her wedding day - that she won’t forget!
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