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Body beautiful

The right bra and knickers can change the way your dress fits or how it sits on your body, as well as helping you to suck in and cover up any lumps and bumps that you want to hide.
Top show

With lingerie, the bra is the star of the show. It’s your bra that will help to shape your silhouette, and if necessary, add a little enhancement to properly show off your gown.

Jasmine Hickson, from Melbourne lingerie boutique Smitten Kitten says when it comes to wedding lingerie, comfort is crucial.

“It’s important that the underwear you choose is comfortable, fits well and is invisible under the dress.”

Jasmine says when choosing a bra it’s important to get the right fit, and suggests asking for help if you need it.

Sucking it in

If the thoughts of shapewear gives you visions of ugly girdles, tight corsets and Bridget Jones knickers, think again.

Janine Anggara, product manager for shapewear brand Nancy Gantz, says modern shapewear or figure fixers are fantastic option to help you look sculpted and toned on the big day.

“Modern shapewear sculpts and moulds your body, is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and it will help you feel confident, which is going to make you feel sexy as well.”

“Purchasing a quality piece is an investment in your wardrobe that can be worn again,” she says.

And if you’re worried that shapewear isn’t romantic enough for your wedding night, remember you can slip into sexy lingerie when you take the gown off.

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