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Boho cakes and desserts

Daniel Samuelsson
Boho cake ideas

When choosing your boho wedding cake, get creative and try different flavours of cakes and different styles other than a normal cake. Use unusual wedding cake flavours like chocolate stout cake or Guinness chocolate cake with Bailey’s Irish cream cheese frosting, carrot, banana, apple with oatmeal crumble, asparagus and chocolate, fresh strawberry yogurt cake, lemon and poppyseed, lemon and polenta, rosemary loaf cake, blueberry and nectarine, orange, pear, cannoli, bread and butter pudding cake, berry peach ricotta, hummingbird, sticky date, rocky road, mars bar cake, chocolate ripple, tiramisu cake, white and dark mouse cake, banana split cake, cinnamon coffee cake with coconut cream and brownie coconut chocolate cream cake.

Whether they sound bizarre or just different as a wedding cake, there are plenty of boho cake flavours that will suit you and your wedding, and even try a different flavour for a different layer or tier, where some of the above cake flavours can be found at Terry's Torts and Treats, in Victoria. If you’re having a more edgy, tribal boho style, why not use some African influence and a South African beesting cake with custard filling or even a Jan Ellis pudding. Naked cakes are also a cool boho idea where there is no icing on the outside and you can see the layers and filling inside, looking quirky boho.

Boho cake alternatives and desserts

Try boho style alternatives to a traditional wedding cake with an ice-cream cake, cheesecake and cheesecakes slices, including a pistachio cardamon cheesecake, salted caramel and apple cheesecake pie and strawberry and cream cheesecake, a pancake cake, a donut cake with donuts stacked up in tiers or a cake with donuts and nutella, a rice bubble cake, a croquembouche, a macaron tower, a strawberry maltball cake, cakeball truffles placed in a tiered stand, brownies stacked up in tiers, including chocolate chip cookie dough brownies and white choc blondies, individual chocolate cylinder tiers, a tiered cheese wheel cake/tower and a jelly cake, with tiers of different flavours and on plates around the tower.

Other boho alternatives to an actual cake can include puddings, pies and tarts, with things like eggnog pie, banoffee pie, greek custard tart and peppermint crisp tart for example. Sweet tables aren’t fully boho but can still be used to display boho treats like cookies, brownies and rumballs and truffles. Mini shortcakes, decorated like mini cakes, are also great to create a tower out of for a cake effect.  A few other cool boho desserts include mini ice-cream cones, crepes in numerous flavours, strawberry shortcake kabobs, churros with dipping chocolate and strawberry shortcake sushi, with strawberry coli or melted chocolate for dipping and banana sushi rolls with honey dipping sauce or chocolate.

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