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Q & A with Boudoir Image

The perfect gift for your groom

Men can be difficult to buy presents for, and when it comes to exchanging wedding gifts for one another, you will want to get your groom something extra special. Watches, cufflinks, gadgets and gizmos can sometimes lose their appeal, but here’s something with a difference that is very likely to appeal to your man.

The ‘Boudoir’ photo shoot in a stylized shoot that combines fun and flirty dress ups and fine-art photography. Pose for a series of gorgeous shots, have them framed and wrap them up for a fantastic pre-wedding surprise.

We chatted with Sydney studio Boudoir Image to find out more about this cheeky and fun style of photography.
Q. Is this style of photography suitable for the every-day-girl?
Absolutely, these are real women who have just had a little pampering, some professional hair and makeup and some fun coaching on how to pose in an easy and sensual manner. In fact, you’ll even learn a lot of posing tricks that you can use every time you have a photo taken, including on your wedding day, to make sure you look your absolute best.
Q. Is it similar to glamour photography?
It is slightly similar, but the focus is more on creating sensual imagery. It’s stylish, tasteful and more about implying something sexy without necessarily revealing all. Sometimes what you can’t see can be even more alluring. Our studio has a whole range of vintage-inspired settings and uses soft window lighting to create beautiful artworks that many clients choose to hang on their bedroom walls. A favourite spot to create beautiful imagery is at our big bay window – the light just wraps around you and looks incredibly flattering.
Q. What do most brides choose to purchase for their groom’s wedding gift?
Definitely a Boudoir Image album. They love creating a story in pictures that will have their groom smiling when he opens that special black book and discovers what is inside. So much of a wedding day is about the bride and this is your chance to do something special for your groom that you know he is going to absolutely love.

I think it’s also a wonderful way to start your marriage with a bang and wipe away all the myths that things might get boring. Imagine each anniversary having a look through your Boudoir Image photos together.
Q. Can some clients feel a little bit nervous before the shoot?
Yes, most of them will feel butterflies at even the thought of doing something outside their daily comfort zone, but that is what makes it so special. However, once they get to the studio and meet our makeup artist, they completely relax and have a great day. Some have written cards back to us saying that the finished album was just a bonus, the actual photo shoot was one of the best experiences of their life. They discovered it wasn’t about having the perfect body but learning to be sensually beautiful with the one you have! That is what is so magical about boudoir photography.

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