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Accessories for summer

Clear blue skies and a radiant shining sun may provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding, but summer brides be warned, don't overlook the harsh nature of our summer sun. Combat unnecessary disasters like sunstroke; wilted flowers and smothering veils on your wedding day by incorporating a few additional bridal accessories into your ensemble. Protect and preserve your wedding look amid the hotter temperatures with parasols, silk flowers and plenty of SPF for your wedding crowd.


Practical and pretty looks with parasols

A parasol can be a great addition to your summer wedding look for a multitude of reasons. A parasol will shelter you from the dangerous UV rays, lessening your chances of burning your skin over the course of an outdoor ceremony or a beach photo shoot. Shading your face is particularly important, as too much sun exposure will disturb your makeup, leaving your face looking patchy and untidy. Additional parasols for each of your bridesmaids will reduce the number of squinting and frowning faces in your photo album, and add a touch of vintage charm to your bridal party's wedding look. While your makeup will assist in protecting your face from getting sunburned, a parasol can assist in the protection of delicate areas like the back of your neck or your décolletage. There are parasols to suit a wide range of wedding themes and bridal looks. You might choose a style in dainty white lace for an elegant look, pastel-coloured silk for a casual beach wedding, dark angular styles for a gothic feel or oriental-patterned paper for an alternative twist.

Lasting looks with silk flower bouquets

Silk flowers are commendable for their longer lifespan than natural fresh flowers. Whether you are planning a destination wedding at a remote location in Bali or a summer garden party at a charming local winery, flowers fabricated from silk will withstand the heat. Silk flowers can be brought in Australia, prior to your departure if you are planning a destination wedding. They travel well and will last the distance through and beyond your special day. Some couples opt for silk flowers so that they can incorporate out of season flower varietals into their bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements. Other couples feel that a silken bouquet is a wonderful keepsake that offers more value for money. Not only will silk flowers outlive fresh varietals, they will keep in tact when your flower girl's tired arms give up on her miniature bouquet and when your own bouquet is tossed into a crowd of desperately flailing arms.

Extra amenities to keep your guests content

Some couples planning a destination wedding in a hot climate throw fans, tubes of sunscreen and bottles of water into small gift packs for each guest room. Couples wedding on golf courses, at beaches or outdoors at a vineyard, should look to have a few sunscreen pump packs on hand at the ceremony. If you are holding your reception party through the afternoon, try to ensure that their are sufficient sunscreen supplies on hand for all your guests. Couples hosting reception parties in open marquees will also need to think about providing insect repellent or citronella candles to warn off loitering mosquitoes in the summer months.

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