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A clutch bag for your big day

Firstly, the petite and modest design of the common clutch bag won't draw too much attention away from the rest of your attire. It is easy to hold, light enough to carry and compact enough to store in a watchful range on your reception table. The last thing you'd want on your big day is to be lugging around a heavy handbag with a strap that chafes your neck or threatens to scuff your beautiful gown. It wouldn't look right, you wouldn't be comfortable and to be honest, it's just not all that ideal. At the end of the day, the bride and her gown will be centre stage, so opt for a subtle clutch bag that ties in with your look and doesn't create chaos around your gown.


Secondly, it's important to find a clutch bag that suits your overall look. Whether you're a classic bride; chasing a vintage inspired look, or a more innovative fashion forward bride, the beautiful bag market will have something for you. To start with, try scoping out stores that you know have a large range and cover lots of different looks. You can then chase down specific designers and peruse their range. It might be handy to take along a photo of your dress and ask your sales assistants for advice on suitable styles. Alternatively, start at the place where you bought your bridal gown, as most designers draw up mood boards to obtain an overall vision of how they want their dresses to be styled If they themselves don't sell accessories, they will no doubt be able to point in you towards a few designers that helped to inspire their collection.


Finally, don't forget that your clutch bag is with you all day to serve a purpose. It should be able to fit all the important essentials that you'll need by your side on your wedding day. Most brides require lipgloss and powder (amongst other touch up products), bandaids for blister control, tissues, a nail file and a mobile phone. There's really no need to pack your whole make up bag, between your bridesmaids, you should be well looked after. Only carry products that are specific to your look and don't include anything unnecessary as it will only weigh you down.

Slim and sleek, glitzy and glamorous or romantic and feminine, the benefits of incorporating a clutch bag into your overall look are clear,  and the style choice is up to you!

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