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Building your sweets table

A sweets table is a great way to intensify your colour theme at your wedding reception. When choosing your colour scheme, find colours that complement one and another rather than clash - or your wedding might end up looking more like a circus than a classy affair! From orange to red to violet, blue, green and yellow, the following list contains a few sweet suggestions that are made in a wide range of shades:


  • Rock candy
  • Sherbet bombs
  • Fizzos, Jelly beans, Gummy bears and snakes
  • Smarties and m&ms
  • Chocolate lovehearts wrapped in coloured tinfoil
  • Old fashioned boiled lollies
  • Homemade marshmallows
  • Flavoured macaroons
  • Gingerbread with coloured icing
  • Sprinkle covered cake pops
  • Iced cupcakes
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries with coloured sprinkles


Not all sweet varieties look appetising across a range of colours, so if you have picked a cooler shade like blue, green or purple, you might like to pair it with white or cream to facilitate a more feasible lolly bar colour scheme. From marshmallows to Turkish delight to nougat, mascarpone, meringues, sugarcoated almonds, mints, and white chocolate-coated treats, there is an abundance of white and cream-coloured lollies on the market.

While warmer tones like orange and red certainly look striking and bright when featured alongside white, they look equally great when paired back with chocolate browns. Tempt your guests with chocolate-dipped strawberries, Lindt balls, Ferrero Rocheres, liquorice bullets, chocolate caramels or a decadent chocolate fountain.

When selecting candy to feature in your colour-coded sweets table, start by brainstorming the flavours most commonly associated with your chosen colour. For example, an orange colour scheme might cover apricot, peach, orange, mandarin, caramel, ginger or cinnamon flavours, while a green colour scheme is more likely to be linked with flavours like mint, spearmint, apple, lime, basil, pistachio or green tea.

To get you started, we've put together a list of some basic colours and a few flavours we commonly associate with each.

Orange: apricot, peach, orange, mandarin, caramel, toffee ginger and cinnamon

Red: strawberry, raspberry, ruby grapfruit, toffee apple, watermelon and red velvet

Violet: lavender, cassis, blackcurrant, violet and grape

Blue: blueberry and peppermint, blue raspberry

Green: mint, spearmint, apple, lime, basil, pistachio, kiwi fruit and green tea

Yellow: passionfruit, lemon, mango, banana, saffron, butter, honey, treacle, maple and burnt caramel

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