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The cheese-wheel wedding cake trend

Chocolate wedding cakes are so last year, and the latest trend we're loving is the fabulous cheese-wheel cake. Yes that is correct, a wedding cake made entirely out of cheese!

Brides and grooms are stepping away from standard wedding cakes and are instead opting for something a little left-of-centre, such as a cupcake tower or a cheese-wheel cake. And let's face it, who doesn't love cheese, especially layers upon layers of it.

This new trend even has celebrities like Stanley Tucci and Amber Tamblyn opting for this at both their weddings. We've seen the trend blossom away from the celebrity spotlight, with the cheese-wheel cake popping up in many of our real-life weddings and on the Bride blog.

The cheese-wheel wedding cake is an interesting and innovative way to feed and entertain your guests. At many weddings we've been to, we've noticed the traditional wedding cake usually remains untouched, but the cheese-wheel wedding cakes have always been a hit, getting devoured passionately throughout the evening. This is great, because you want something that your guests will actually eat.

Cheese-wheel wedding cakes are also a great talking point and focal point at your wedding reception. It creates a place where guests can congregate and find common ground – such as their love of cheese. You usually find people gravitating to the cheese table at any party, and weddings are no different. 

It is also a great bomboniere option. Packaging samples of the cheese for your guests to take home is a great little gift to give to them.

There have been cases of brides and grooms choosing this option because of gluten allergies, or because they are on a low or sugar free diet (although lactose intolerant guests beware!). Cheese is really good for you, so why not make it a healthier option.

Cheese wheels can be beautifully decorated with fresh fruit and flowers and are the perfect option for a country-chic themed wedding. They add a rustic feel and are absolutely beautiful to look at. Another perk is they're relatively inexpensive compared to most wedding cakes.

You can pick up cheese wheels from your local market or at a specialty deli; it also gives you the chance to mix a few combinations of cheeses so there is plenty of variety for your guests.

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