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Coloured gowns for your complexion

Not every bride dreams of wearing a white gown on her wedding day, and luckily for those who feel that white is not for them there are some gorgeous coloured gowns available.

Although white, cream and ivory are the most traditional and popular colours for a wedding dress, we’re seeing many more brides defying that tradition and opting for something a little bit more daring and adventurous with coloured gowns. Although it is rare to see brides in bright, vivid colours, we do see the occasional bride draped in a pretty, blush pink or an elegant, classic champagne. Blush and champagne are popular alternatives to a white wedding dress, with latte and oyster coming in close behind.

Champagne chic

It’s always imperative to dress for your body type when choosing your wedding gown, but this isn’t the only thing to consider. If you are considering straying away from white and opting to be bolder, keep in mind colours that will suit your hair tone and skin tone. Champagne has proven to be a popular choice among  brides, as it is classic, elegant and stylish. Women with olive skin and darker hair look fantastic in champagne, as do women with yellow undertones in their skin. Champagne has the potential to wash you out if you have very pale skin or light hair, so be careful in this respect.

Blushing bride

Be a blushing bride in the gorgeous soft, feminine colour of pale pink. Blush is a far safer option for brides who are light-skinned and fair-haired – anyone who saw photographs of Reece Witherspoon in her beautiful blush gown will agree! Pale pink is such a great alternative to white as it is flattering on most colour combinations and it makes you feel feminine and graceful.

Black beauty

Black is another bold colour making its mark in bridal couture, with black and white combinations a popular choice for wedding outfit colour schemes. A palette of black and white adds a classical twist to a modern dress. Designers appear to be taken by the rich beauty of black lace. We are seeing feminine vintage-style wedding dresss, with long sleeves making a solid come back and intricate necklines crawling higher and higher.

Touch of colour

If an entirely coloured gown is not for you and you still want to wear white, but want to brighten up your look just a tad you can always subtly weave a bit of colour into the ensemble. Try the addition of a colourful sash or even try pinning on a colourful brooch or select a piece of gemstone-encrusted jewellery.

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