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Countdown to 'I do'

Planning a memorable wedding is an art in itself, but thankfully it does not have to be complicated or overly stressful. Timing is the key and with the right amount of forethought, any wedding can be a big success regardless of size or budget.
Once you get passed the initial stages of planning a wedding - and have (hopefully) found the dress, set the date, picked a photographer, booked the venues and decided on a honeymoon - the rest is a matter of adding your own personal touches and simple logistics that will fall into place if you prepare yourself in advance.
Make it personal

Try to incorporate as many personal touches to the mix as possible – such as by featuring some of your favourite foods and music or by referencing your time together as a couple. If you both bonded over a love of a particular dessert, say goodbye to traditional white marzipan and hello to a Ferrero Rocher wedding cake. Or, instead of organising the seating plan with table numbers, name each table with memorable places you have travelled to together.

Don’t be afraid to ditch old traditions you don’t like or understand and create your own. Feel uncomfortable about the bouquet toss? It’s gone. Prefer not to waste any precious party time posing for photos? Have them taken before the ceremony or on another day altogether. The rules are: you make the rules.

The fairytale on a budget

According to business information analyst IBIS World, 60 percent of Aussie couples blow their wedding budget, which may explain why, according to further research, they are spending an average of $36,200 on their special day.
If this figure fills your head with dread, fear not; it is possible to lop thousands of dollars off the cost of a wedding by:
    •   Limiting the guest list.
    •   Opting for a cocktail-style wedding (just make sure there is plenty of finger food), or by serving only two courses and using the wedding cake for dessert.
    •   Getting married on a weekday – in winter.
    •   DIY whatever you can handle – the cake, flowers, photography, decorations, invitations or wedding favours.
    •   Making a killer playlist and plugging your iPod into the venue’s sound system instead of hiring a DJ or musicians.
    •   Buying a second-hand wedding dress.
    •   Using your own cars driven by a family friend.
The day will fly by. Stop regularly to take it all in and enjoy it!


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