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DIY cake toppers

Placed atop your wedding cake, these super-cute handmade DIY wedding cake toppers will definitely find themselves easing their way onto your wedding planning to-do list. These fun ideas add that little something special to your wedding cake, personalised by the bride and groom.

The Peg Couple
You can find the DIY kit to make these wooden cake toppers from Etsy crafter Goosegrease. Each kit comes with two brides, two grooms, two paintbrushes, five colours and varnish. The creative direction comes from you on this one – what better way to make your wedding cake unique than to have yourselves on top!

Paper Flower Monogram
A becoming trend for couples is to ditch the traditional figurine cake topper and opt for typography atop the cake instead. This beautiful idea for a paper flower monogram from Design Sponge is not as difficult as it looks and creates a really gorgeous DIY cake!

Glitter hearts 
Make your own heart wedding cake toppers easily with step-by-step instructions from The Paper Pony. You can make one, two or many to shoot from the top of your cake in any colour you wish. Use tall skewers for a large arrangement or you could use toothpicks and create small hearts for a subtle but sweet design.

Coloured Pinwheels
These pinwheel cake toppers are a great DIY idea for a vintage or hipster wedding. It’s really simple – all you need to do is fold coloured paper and attach to toothpicks with glue. Lots of different pinwheels would look great on a cupcake stand or in different heights atop a traditional shaped cake.  

Polaroid Love
We love this ultra simple idea for your wedding cake. Take separate Polaroid photos of the bride and groom and place them kissing on top of the cake with a simple wire stand – this idea will work with any style of wedding cake and of course you can keep the images to display at home!

Whatever you fancy, the wedding cake is a great place to pop a DIY idea and add your unique touch. Of course you’ll have to decide on your wedding cake first to decide which type of topper will work best! 

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