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DIY decorations

These DIY decorations are all simple, elegant and achievable ideas for budding brides, and can be customised to suit your particular theme. Better yet, these DIY decorations use cheap fabrics and easily sourced materials, so you won’t break the bank or need to search Etsy for hours on end. Just head down to Spotlight, grab a few things, and start making some DIY decorations for your big day!   


DIY decoration: table runners

Perfect for a rustic country wedding, DIY table runners make great decorations and can be easily customised to suit your theme. They’re also incredibly versatile, given that you can select almost any base fabric and additional trimmings – just make sure your materials can be machine sewn and don’t fray too much at the seams. Try miss-matched ribbons or thin stripes of fabric in complimentary hues, and a neutral base for the actual runner. Cheats method: buy a pre-made table runner and add the decorative details. 

DIY decoration: vintage wallpaper

Gorgeously patterned vintage wallpaper can be used for just about everything on your wedding day, making great DIY decorations that are visually striking and easy to achieve. Try lining your invitation envelops, backing your menus, creating table settings and even a photography backdrop with matching vintage wallpaper. If you want to custom design your own envelopes – for everything from save the dates, invites and thank you notes – you’ll just need an envelope tool kit to get you started.

DIY decoration: edible flower ice cubes

This DIY decoration idea is both simple and striking, and can be prepared well in advance of your wedding. Source some edible flowers from your local market or suppliers (make sure they’re pesticide free), and select a variety of colours for added impact. Take the flowers home and rinse thoroughly, pop them in some ice-cube trays, and gently fill with room temperature or cool water. Leave them to freeze and you’re done! Note that some garden-grown flowers are safe to ingest, but speak to your florist first. Even if guests aren’t all munching down on these pretty ice cubes, someone is sure to swallow one, so seek advice first.  

DIY decoration: tie-the-knot notes

These clever DIY creations are a cinch to make, requiring only thick paper invitations (or save the date notes) and some sturdy paper twine. Have your invites designed so that they fold into three equal parts, with the outer arms folding inward over the middle section. Anchor the twine on one side, tie a loose knot, thread it through the opposite side and viola – you knot should hang suspended in the middle of the card when opened. Be sure to avoid thin string or ribbons, or your knot will quickly become a tangle, and make sure your paper is sturdy enough to withstand the process.

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