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The tables that changed our minds about 'rustic'

Books and flowers rustic table settings
Because 'rustic' doesn't have to leave your guests wondering if they've just walked on to the set of 'The Dukes of Hazzard'.
I have a confession to make: I never got the rustic thing. Sure, done right it could be pretty and romantic, but I'd seen it done wrong one too many times - it was all a bit too Daisy Duke for me. However, during my (ever more frequent) scrolling on Pinterest this week, I realised I'm starting to like this theme. As in, like, like it. Here are the six table settings that have finally convinced me to pick up the hot glue gun.

Let there be light

Lightbulbs rustic table setting
Nailing this theme is all about getting the lighting perfect – I’m talking Ryan Gosling levels of perfect. The rustic look is soft and romantic, so harsh lighting is going to jar with the overall vibe you’re going for. If you’re not a fan of candles (or can't use them because of your venue’s fire code), consider hanging low-wattage lightbulbs over your tables. Maximum romance, minimum fire danger.

Coming up rose (gold)

Rose gold centrepieces rustic table setting
When it comes to weddings, rose gold is having a moment in everything from bridesmaids’ dresses to cakes – and table settings are no exception. These tin cans make a nice change to the usual glass jars for rustic centrepieces and are so simple to make. Just get family and friends to keep their old tins (after washing them out first), give them a lick of rose gold or copper-coloured paint from a craft store and you’re good to go. 

A breath of fresh air

Babys breath rustic table setting
So often used as a filler between its showier cousins in the flower family, baby’s breath was practically made for rustic table settings – it’s pretty, romantic and not too OTT. Use it as statement centrepieces on long communal tables – just make sure the stems are long enough (and the vases tall enough) so as not to block your bridesmaid’s view of the hottie sitting across from them.

Getting to the pointy end

Succulents rustic table setting
Succulents are so hot right now for bouquets, so why not incorporate them into your table settings as well? They're perfect for giving your rustic theme an on-trend edge and preventing it from becoming too barnyard. To really mix up your greenery, you can also experiment with different types of leaves and moss for totally touchable centrepieces (just watch the spikes). 

It was all yellow

Yellow rustic table setting
One of the things that often turned me off the rustic theme was that there seemed to be too much going on at once. An easy way to tie everything together and avoid the dreaded "a Pinterest board threw up all over my venue" look is to have a central colour as your focal point. For summer weddings, I LOVE yellow – just start with wattle and yellow roses in your centrepieces and go from there.

Beach, please

Beach branches rustic table setting
The thing that really got me sold on the whole rustic idea? Seeing that I could do it at the beach, which is where I would spend approximately 99.9 per cent of my time if I could. All you need to do is take some popular elements of the theme – exposed branches, simple place settings, muted colour schemes – and plonk them on your favourite stretch of sand. Now where's that hot glue gun? 

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