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Flowers for every theme

Having a clear and personal wedding theme can help with the overall planning of a wedding, and create a memorable energy and atmosphere on the day for you and your gorgeous guests.

A theme will also help guide you in organising your bouquet and floral arrangements, to tie the ceremony and reception together. 

Here are some of Bride’s favourite wedding themes and floral ideas, let us know what you think! 

Vintage glamour

A vintage-inspired wedding is all about old-world glamour, full of opulence and extravagance. The most popular flowers for this nostalgic theme are David Austin roses, peonies and hydrangeas.

Add a classic rose to your groomsmen’s tux and your husband-to-be, to tie the look together. There is also a greater focus on clean tablescapes and elegant flower-holders such as crystal vases and crisp white linen, creating the ultimate vintage glamour affair. 

Boho bliss

Boho-themed weddings are whimsical and creative. Drawing from nature they are a flower-lovers dream.

Floral garlands and delicate headpieces are a unique way of incorporating flowers into a boho wedding, using simple and fresh blooms such as daisy’s, baby’s breath, perennials, garden roses, and smoke bush. These flowers can also be worked into the bridal parties bouquet, placed in jars on the table, and strung around the ceremony and reception venue for a beautiful boho-garden atmosphere.

Country chic

Fresh air and rugged landscapes are the cornerstone of a rural wedding. The natural surrounds should match the blooms used throughout the wedding, and bouquets and arrangements should look natural and underdone. Hand-tie flowers such as dahlias, geraniums, limbs of citrus, fennel, rosemary and various local wild flowers.  

You can also use rough twine as a simple, rustic way to bring the flowers together, and place flowers on the table in old wooden boxes or miss-matched vases.

Beach beauty

Bare feet and blue skies, a beach-side wedding theme is carefree with unique flowers to match. Blooms need to be relaxed and appropriate for the location, with popular colour palettes including whites, pinks and yellows for a subdued effect, or one bright colour which will pop against the sand. Flowers such as magnolia’s, geraniums, wattle, rosemary, chamomile and roses are perfect for the lighter colour palette, while orchids, gerberas or coloured lilies provide an amazing burst of bright colour.

Work the natural surrounds into your bouquet and table décor with seashells and light blue vases for the complete seaside look.

Classic charm

A classic wedding is filled with romance, tradition and lavish design. This elegant theme usually consists of a singular colour palette, with all-white the quintessential choice for a classic theme.

Think all white roses, hydrangeas and lilies, that work well with the brides gorgeous ivory wedding gown, and the soft lighting at the reception.

This soft colour palette works well with navy, black and grey. For example place one of the flowers on all the groomsmen’s suits, or use a navy chair tie to complement your rose-filled centrepiece.

For more inspiration on everything from botanical features to bombonieres, head to our Pinterest page!  

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