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6 red lipsticks you NEED to have

Red Lipstick
If a bold red lip is your go-to for Friday nights, Saturday nights and, err, every other night, chances are you're thinking about rocking one on your big day.
Here’s the sticker: wearing red lipstick for your wedding isn’t as simple as grabbing your favourite shade from a cosmetic counter on your way to the ceremony. You’ve got to think about finding a shade that works with the rest of your make-up; a formula that will last all day and one that won’t smudge after your first kiss. So, to make sure you're red lippy ready and an official candidate for Hottest Bride Ever, we went straight to five top make-up artists for the low-down on all things lipstick and got them to reveal which ones they have in their kits. One is even a $6 tube that you can buy from your local pharmacy...
Red Lipstick Mac Ruby Woo
For Zoe Karlis, a Melbourne-based make-up guru and hair stylist, brides can never go wrong with a red shade for their big day. "I absolutely adore red lipstick on a bride. If careful consideration is made when selecting the finish and tone it can really make a bold statement while looking classic," says Zoe.

Her favourite? Ruby Woo by MAC. "It’s the one red lipstick that suits all skin tones, has incredible staying power due to its matte finish and isn’t drying on the lips." To boost the staying power of your lipstick, Zoe suggests placing a tissue over your lips after you’ve applied your colour and then, with a brush, dust on a small amount of translucent powder. Remove the tissue and then reapply your lipstick. 
Red Lipstick Bobbi Brown
Want to go red without committing to a red-red? Jessica Kramp from Brush and Brows loves Bobbi Brown's Burnt Red colour. "This lipstick is semi matte and full coverage. Burnt red is a great balance between red and brown and suits most skin tones," she says. “It has a creamy consistency that applies beautifully and is long wearing.”

The deeper tones of this lipstick are perfect if you want to mimic the Art Deco glamour of the 1920s, or if you're having a winter wedding. 

Jessica's tip for rocking a red lip is making sure you feel comfortable. "Always make sure you still feel like yourself," says Jessica. "If you are someone who normally doesn't wear a lot of make-up then opt for a more subtle shade or even a highly pigmented gloss."
Red Lipstick Colour Theory
We'll start with a spoiler: these beauties are only $6. That's right, just $6, which means that even after you break a tenner, you'll still have change for a coffee. For Paul Bedggood, the secret to wearing red lips for your nuptials begins with knowing what shade of red best suits your skin tone. "Your complexion colour is key to picking the shade of red," he says. "Normally for me, when someone has fair or pink tones in their skin, I go for a more blue-red, which works well with their colour." 

Catwalk by Colour Theory, available at Amcal, is a red-red lipstick that is one of Paul's favourites. It has a creamy texture and won't fade with just one sip of your drink. "When you have a more olive tone to your skin, I tend to go for a more orange-red, as this tone and pop of colour really suits the skin." If this is you, Paul recommends Flirt Alert by Colour Theory. 

Paul's trick to nailing red lips for your wedding is remembering to downplay your eyes (read: don't go overboard on the eyeliner and smoky shadows). "More earthy tones or a gel [eyeliner] kick with lashes is a great way to go."
Red Lipstick Zuii
Truth time: we consume a lot of lipstick... unintentionally, of course. But it still happens. That's why Vivian Ashworth uses Classic Red from Zuii. "With the amount of lipstick we unknowingly eat, I prefer to go natural." 

Zuii lipsticks are Australian-made using organic ingredients including jojoba, sunflower, aloe vera and calcium. For a timeless look, the classic red is the way to go. "It's a great vintage red, semi-matte, smooth and creamy, so it doesn't dry out your lips. Red has always been the Hollywood vamp look of choice and my favourite."
Red Lipstick Mac Russian Red
Oh Russian Red, how gorgeous you are. This MAC lipstick has a cult following and tops many a lipstick lover's wish list, so it should definitely be in your clutch on your next night out (or trip to the supermarket).

It's also Vanessa Collins' favourite shade. "It's a true blood red," says Vanessa, a Sydney-based make-up artist. "It's matte, which makes it more durable and can be layered from a light stain up to a bold lip. Because it's a red red, it suits everyone." 

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