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Maid for each other

A Woman

Newly wed Naz Wood knew how important it was to keep her three bridesmaids in the loop from the beginning.

Naz had a simple brief for her bridesmaids: “I wanted them to be happy, feel comfortable and really enjoy themselves.”

Clare Press, founder of vintage-inspired label Mrs Press and a former features editor at Vogue, says choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses should be more than just a regular shopping trip.

“It should feel like a real occasion. Make it a treat. Invite your bridesmaids for high tea with cupcakes and champagne beforehand,” she says.

Making the cut

Clare says choosing a distinct style for each bridesmaid is a good way to go.

“The dresses don’t have to be uniform. What looks good on one of your bridesmaids won’t necessarily suit another.”

Another option is to work with a particular colour palette and dress your maids in different hues.

Happy together

When it comes to buying gowns, designer Angelina Baccini, from Baccini and Hill, recommends having all your bridesmaids together to make sure you’re happy with the overall look.

“A smart bride will make sure everyone looks good,” says Angelina.

“If you take the time to talk to your bridesmaids, you’ll find a solution that suits everyone. After all, these girls love you and want you to be happy.”

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