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The products that NEED to be in your big day clutch

Packing a bag – be it a purse, suitcase or backpack – can be a fine art. What will you need and what can you do without?
The struggle is especially real when it comes to your wedding. The idea of a big day bag might not have crossed your mind, but it’s definitely worth considering. Odds are you’ll need something during the day – whether it’s a foundation compact, safety pins or an extra spritz of perfume – and that’s where having a bag of essentials will come in handy. A couple of key items are all it takes to have everything from make-up touch-ups to sore tootsies taken care of. You can even separate them into two categories: products to go in a clutch that a bridesmaid will look after, and things to stash in a bigger bag that you’ll keep in a bridal suite or coat room. To get your list started, we’ve rounded up some of our must-haves below.

For your clutch or small bag

Lip stain
Eating, drinking, air-kissing relatives: a bride’s lip colour has to stand up to a lot on the big day. For a product that can go the distance, look no further than a lip stain. A stain – try The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain – will not budge, no matter what you eat, and it won’t dry out your lips. It makes a great option for brides who don’t like lipstick or gloss; the buildable colour means you can create a more intense shade too. While you won’t need as many touch-ups as a cream lippy or slick gloss, it never hurts to have this beauty on hand. Plus, it can even be used as a cheek stain! So if you want to enhance your newlywed glow, a quick swipe with the applicator and a bit of blending will do the trick. 

Blotting paper
Even the most matte foundation isn’t always a guarantee for preventing shine on the T-zone. Blotting paper is an alternative to powders and primers, and will gently lift excess oil from the skin without removing moisture or make-up. You can pop a few sheets in your smaller bag, and keep the pad with your other big bag must-haves. Try Aburatorigami Blotting Papers from MECCA.

Wrapped lollies
The danger of low blood sugar is real. It can be hard to smile your way through photos when your stomach is grumbling and all you can think about is a slab slice of cake. Having a couple of wrapped lollies – think Fantails, Minties or fruit chews – will keep a sugar crash at bay.

Extra bobby pins
Stray strands of hair, be gone! Let’s face it, sometimes hair can go rogue, no matter how much hairspray you’ve used. Enter extra bobby pins. If you’re anything like us, you probably already own a healthy collection of these lifesavers, so popping a couple in your bag will take 30 seconds tops.

For your big bag

Face mist
A quick spritz with one of these beauties can work wonders. It will refresh and hydrate your skin, and give you an instant pick-me-up. Tip: look for a lightweight product like Bobbi Brown’s Face Mist that can be used over make-up without leaving your skin feeling too sticky or dewy. 

Miniature perfume
Having your fave scent in a miniature isn’t just a must-have for your big day, it can be something you keep in your day-to-day handbag or even in your desk drawer at work. Miniatures come in spray bottles, roll-ons and dab bottles. 

Double-sided tape
Because wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone.

Stay with us on this one, because it's not as crazy as you might think. Chalk is the touch-up secret every bride and bridesmaid needs to know about. It masks marks and stains on a wedding dress like (almost) nothing else. Opt for pure white, off-white or the shade that most closely matches your gown. Dressmakers' chalk works too.

A no-brainer, right?

Small sewing kit with safety pins and masking tape
You might not need this at all, but if a button pops off, a hem comes undone or a seam tears, you know it can be taken care of.

A copy of your vows or speech, plus list of suppliers and contact numbers
This one falls into the 'just in case' category. You know, just in case your phone goes flat, or you spill bubbly on the first copy of your 'I do's. It's also a good idea to bring along some extra paper and a pen. 

Make-up, including tools like a nail file and tweezers
Ever wanted to use the phrase "I just have to powder my nose"? Now you can. 

For when you need more than bobby pins.

Earring backs
You never know when one of these is going to go AWOL.

Self explanatory.

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