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Selecting your wedding day music

When choosing your wedding day music, take into account what you would like to listen to while you are walking down the aisle, when you exit the church, when you share in your first dance, and while you're dining and dancing with guests at your reception. As with every choice associated with planning, you and your partner should aim to meet halfway when compiling your playlist. Choose songs that mean something to you and that conjure up great memories shared between you and your partner.


Your first dance song

While some people feel they have always known which songs would feature in their wedding, others have difficulty narrowing down a list of much-loved favourites to a single most meaningful song. If you are anxious about the significance of your first dance, you might find it reassuring to choose a classic track that you know all the words to. Knowing your first dance song should make remembering your dance routine easier, allowing you to tune out from watchful eyes and to enjoy your dance with your partner. Opt for a slow timeless classic to complement your bridal waltz, a fun upbeat track to match a modern dance routine or a dramatic orchestral piece to suit a tango dance.

Music for your ceremony

Ceremonies are rich with opportune moments for you to showcase your relationship through song. While most couples tend to have at least an entry and an exit song, the number of tracks included on your big day is completely up to you. The format of your ceremony entertainment is another factor you will need to negotiate. From iPods and CDs to organs, live bands and solo singers, there are plenty of entertainment options on offer for your wedding ceremony. If it is religious, you might like to consult with your priest to gather music suggestions. The church's organist may be able to provide a list of popular hymns. You might even look to include some entertainment before or after your ceremony. From bagpipes, to African drums to cellos, harps, banjoes and accordions, there is a substantial range of entertainment on the market for those looking to incorporate some extra excitement into their big day.

Music for your reception party

Reception entertainment can vary greatly depending upon the format of the reception, the size of the guest list and the wedding theme. Live bands, DJs and iPods are convenient entertainment options as they suit weddings of all sizes, styles and locations. Quite often, couples elect to include multiple sources of entertainment to cater for a changing vibe over the course of the night. While a string quartet might be more suitable a sound to greet your guests with around dusk, a DJ would be more likely to encourage dance floor enthusiasm later in the night. While an iPod is often more flexible and unrestricted in its range of song choices, an interactive live band or DJ may be helpful with MC duties like introducing the speeches, the bridal waltz and the bouquet toss. Consult with your venue to see what acoustic options they offer and ask for their advice with regards to which format has been the most appropriate and effective in the past. Ensure that you have organised any attachment devices required for your sound system before the big day
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