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Can’t face another pre-wedding workout? You need to read this…

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Planning a wedding is stressful enough, so imagine doing it at the same time as running one of Australia’s hottest companies – which is exactly what 34-year-old Sali Stevanja is doing right now. Just a couple of months out from her wedding to chef Nathan Sasi, she’s also managing the day-to-day operations of Stylerunner, the online activewear business she started with her twin sister Julie in October 2012. So when it comes to wedding fitspo, who better to ask for tips on getting (and staying) motivated in the lead-up to your big day?

Sali Stevanja Stylerunner
Bride: What's been your approach to health and fitness in the lead-up to your wedding? Are you doing anything specific to prepare?
Sali: I try to live a healthy, active life all year round, so while the wedding is a motivator, it’s definitely something I have increased, not started. Like most brides, I want to look my best on my wedding day so I have increased the frequency I’m exercising but I’m also not putting pressure on myself. The last thing you want in the lead-up to your wedding day is more pressure! 

I like to mix up my workouts, so I’m currently doing classes at the new Virgin Active at Moore Park. It’s an amazing experience, the facilities are state of the art and I’m enjoying the cycle classes, Power Plate and reformer Pilates. I’m also working with Chris Barnes at F45 Surry Hills, who always ensures I push myself. 

I’m also fortunate that my fiancé is a chef and he makes me lots of healthy, hearty meals! We always start the day with a fresh green smoothie and my favourite meals include his prosciutto minestrone soup and goat’s cheese salad.

Bride: What's your advice for sticking to a pre-wedding fitness plan?
Sali: It’s the same motivation pre-wedding as it is on a daily basis. Exercise is always hard to try to fit in, but something I keep reminding myself of is that it always seems impossible until it’s done! Your mind is your biggest roadblock – once you commit to it, just do it.

Bride: It's 6am, your alarm's just gone off and getting out of bed to go to the gym is the last thing you want to do – how do you get out there?
Sali: I kick off my day at 5am! I do 5.15am training sessions with Chris at F45 and my motivation is knowing it will be over in 45 minutes but also that it gives me energy for the entire day. Working out in the morning allows me to kick-start my day without worrying about when I will fit exercise in. My fiancé is just as active as I am so it helps that he gets out of bed at the same time.

Bride: Given how busy you are, how do you make sure you prioritise health and fitness while dealing with a mile-long to-do list?
Sali: You have to create time for it and then stick to it. It only takes three days to make something a routine. I choose to work out in the mornings and once I’ve committed to that, I owe it to myself to keep going.

Bride: Your big day has arrived and you want to make sure you feel amazing – what does your perfect 'wedding morning' look like?
Sali: A champagne breakfast with my bridal party; good, fresh food; laughter; no fuss and absolutely no stress.

Bride: What are your tips for staying healthy while on an indulgent honeymoon?
Sali: It’s all about balance – I wouldn’t indulge on a daily basis so it doesn’t make sense to do so on my honeymoon! Eat lots of fresh, healthy produce and get creative with your exercise – sightseeing by foot, hikes, bike riding, etc.

Check out the gallery below for Sali's top picks from Stylerunner - because we all know that sexy new workout gear is the best motivator of all!
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