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The art of the mismatched bridesmaids. And yes, it's definitely an art

Strapless, empire-waist gowns in apricot don't look good on everyone and that can include your bridesmaids. And you wouldn’t wear a dress that didn’t suit you, so why would you do the same to your bridesmaids?
We get it, having things, be it gowns, flowers or invitations, that match is awesome but dressing your ladies in a frock they don’t love or that doesn’t work with their body shape, all in the name of a matching line-up, has the potential to leave your maids secretly hating you at the altar. Luckily for them however, bridesmaids trends have changed, which means your buxom bestie with the D cup doesn’t have to wear the same dress as your bridesmaid with an A cup. Instead, they can rock different necklines, different colours and even completely different gowns. 

Mastering the art of the mismatched bridesmaid isn’t as simple as letting your girls run amuck in the dress shop though; their dresses should still fit in with your colour palette, theme, venue and your dress. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the mismatched trend work.

Get pinning

Don’t roll your eyes, we know you love spending hours killing time and endlessly pinning, so what's one more Pinterest board? Having a bridesmaid board is an awesome resource for learning what goes with what and collating all of your dress-piration. It also gives your bridesmaids a visual of what you're envisioning so they know what to expect before your shopping trip. 

Pick a central element

Real Life Wedding Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
Your bridesmaids should look sleek and cohesive, especially when they’re standing side-by-side during the ceremony and in your photographs, so keeping one element consistent is key – whether it’s the colour palette or dress length.

When mismatching colours, make sure the hues are part of the same family. Brides with blue colour schemes can have bridesmaids in indigo, cobalt, azure and navy; if you're having a nude palette, go with blush, peach and apricot. If you want to have your ladies in one solid colour, consider contrasting patterns, textures and even fabrics. 

If you’re struggling to visualise what colours match on the computer screen, pop down to Bunnings and raid the paint swatch samples.

Let your ladies have a say

Giving your closest lady friends a vote in what they’re wearing is a must, because just like no one knows what suits you better than yourself, your bridesmaids know what looks best on them. Pass around swatches of fabric (or your colour boards from Bunnings) and have your maids send you their suggestions. 

Tie everything in

Real Life Wedding Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
When you're mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses, there are a handful of options: the same dress in different colours; the same dress in different lengths; the same colour but a different dress; even the same designer but varying silhouettes. Whichever combination you choose, remember to bring everything together for a polished final look (and so your guests know that your mismatched bridesmaids were totally done on purpose).

It's as simple as having your ladies wear the same statement necklaces, the same drop earrings or having the same makeup and updo. If you want subtle similarities, go for matching manicures – and yes, that means you MUST make girls’ trip to the salon – or identical bouquets with blooms that complement your own flowers. 

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