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The cosmopolitan bride

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The cosmopolitan bride is a lady about town. She has her finger on the pulse and wants a wedding that is sophisticated and edgy.

Designer Jason Grech, who launched his bridal label at the 2009 Melbourne Bride Wedding Expo, says the cosmopolitan bride is striving for something fresh and fun while still creating a look that exudes luxury.

He says designs that offer a new take on the original white gown are perfect for the cosmopolitan bride who is looking for something that will make an impact. “At the end of the day a white gown is a white gown. But we like to go against what is acceptable. We give our wedding gowns a modern twist by adding hooks and eyes, metal studding, metal eyelets or chunky silk belts. We also hand-dye the trains of some designs for a splash of colour.”

Jason has hand-dyed gowns and trains to suit any bride’s favourite colour, with blue, mint green, yellow and pink common in his collection.

But it’s not just edgy design that makes a cosmopolitan bride shine. The quality of the fabric and the embellishments are just as important. “A truly chic bride will find the lace on her gown is bought from the suppliers of Chanel, Dior, Lagerfeld and La Perla. We import the majority of our laces directly from Paris,” says Jason.

It’s this innovative combination of quality and avant-garde design that is the essence of a cosmopolitan bride. Make sure you take this look right to the edge and team your ensemble with some fashion-forward shoes and trendy accessories. Once you choose a look that you want to go with, you need to ensure that everything else is in keeping with the outfit, so that everything ties in nicely and you've achieved the perfect look of a cosmopolitan bride.

Wedding Dresses - Drop-Waist Jason Grech
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