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Top 10 tips for a stress-free wedding day

DIY weddings – wedding receptions

The thought of wedding planning might be enough to incite major panic. But after reading these top 10 tips and you'll start to notice that pang of fear transform into feelings of relief.

1. Be organised
From storing stationery samples and fabric swatches to keeping track of contracts, a folder with lots of pockets and tabs means you wont lose anything important. Sara recommends a trip to Officeworks for all brides-to-be.

2. Set a budget
Sara suggests ranking aspects of the day in terms of importance, “to determine where you might like to splurge, and where you can save”. If you’re a bit crafty, consider DIY – homemade touches can make your wedding unique and memorable.  

3. Plan in advance
Wedding planning well ahead of time will make things less stressful in the lead-up. Sara advises giving yourself “an average of 10 to 11 months” to plan the event. You may be able to arrange some aspects of the day, such as the church or reception venue, even further in advance if you already know what you want. 

4. Look online
Trawl the web for up-to-date inspiration. Even professional wedding planners need fresh ideas from time to time. “Pinterest is such a good resource, as are wedding blogs,” says Sara. 

5. Involve the groom
Share wedding planning responsibilities with the groom, and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks. While brides are typically more hands-on, Sara says grooms often like to help out with the cars, music and menus.

6. Seek advice
Don’t hesitate to ask others for advice. Ask friends who are married for tips about venues and suppliers, and any difficulties they may have had. If you feel you need more help, Sara recommends hiring a wedding planner, “particularly to help customers who’ve never organised an event before and to give the reception that extra wow-factor”.

7. Attention to detail
Sara suggests planning your reception in sequence, covering everything from the timing of speeches to the wedding dance. “The flow of the reception is really important,” she says. “That’s what your guests will remember”.

8. Have a back-up plan
Even with the best laid plans, some things may not go perfectly on the day. Sara recommends having a good back-up plan. If your wedding is to be outdoors, think about how you might overcome bad weather. An emergency contact sheet, with all of your suppliers listed, is a must-have.

9.  Do it your way
Don’t feel pressured into how your wedding ‘should’ be. If you’d rather not bother with an engagement party, don’t. If you’d prefer a cupcake tower or dessert buffet to a wedding cake, have it. It’s important to consider the enjoyment of your guests, but ultimately the day is for you and groom.

10. Enjoy yourself
Even though it may be challenging at times, try to enjoy the wedding planning process. Ensure you take good care of your health, as the last thing you want is to burn out. Don’t forget, above all else it’s meant to be a joyous, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so have fun! 

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