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Top makeup mistakes to avoid on your wedding day

Your wedding makeup will carry your entire look on the big day, so it’s important to get it right. Here are our expert tips for avoiding wedding makeup blunders: 


The mistakes:
Sticky lips
Kissed-off colour

Expert fix:
Inspire your wedding beauty by starting with luscious lips. Lip gloss is pretty, but it’s also super sticky – think hair glued to your lips while you’re posing for photos. This is why we recommend lipstick for your wedding makeup. With lipstick you can still have a matte or gloss look without wearing actual gloss.

Make sure you maintain your lippie on the day. With all the eating and kissing you’ll be doing, touch ups are essential to prevent losing the overall effect of your makeup. Touching up is even more important if you’re wearing a bold lip colour, or choose a softer tone so it’ll be less obvious if you don’t reapply immediately.

Eye shadow

The mistakes:
Colours that date
The crinkle effect

Expert fix:
Your mum’s blue eye shadow may have been the height of wedding style when she was married, but looking back it’s totally cringe-worthy. Using natural wedding makeup will prevent your look from dating. Even if you’re going for a smoky eye, keep to tones you’d find in your skin naturally, such as browns, roses, golds and bronzes. As much as you might want to be fashion-forward, remember that you’ll have to look back on these photos for years to come.


The mistakes:
Caked-on base
Colour mismatch

Expert fix:
If you think that heavier foundation will last longer, think again: the heavier your foundation, the more potential for disaster. If you’re sweating, this can cause a heavy base to start breaking up. Even if you have problem skin, it’s best to zero in on blemishes rather than piling on your wedding makeup. Always match the foundation colour to your chest or shoulder, and to avoid the caked-on look use a medium-coverage, water-based foundation.


The mistakes:
Too much (or not enough)
Blushing in the wrong places

Expert fix:
To avoid looking like you’ve fallen face-first into your makeup kit, it’s best to opt for a subtle cheek, using just enough blush to give a healthy, fresh appearance. Not enough will leave you looking washed out. To create a subtle glow, we recommend picking a colour that your skin would blush to naturally, such as shades of pink and brown.

To ensure your wedding makeup is top-notch on your wedding day, check out the Bride Directory to find some of the best experts in the business. And stop by our health and beauty page for more wedding ideas.

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