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Wedding food on the move

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Your wedding food is always important, whether you’re planning an intimate wedding reception in a remote location, an elaborate winter celebration at a picturesque winery, or a casual wedding bash following a visit to your nearest registry office, it’s always worth weaving some roving canapes into your wedding reception menu. From entrees to desserts to midnight snacks and take-away cake, if food is moving round the room on a waiter’s plate, the wedding venue, the party guests and the anxious hosts will be far less compromised and all the more colourful. 


Moving entrees

Arranging a series of canapes in place of individual entrees can be a great way to establish a positive vibe at your wedding reception early on in the night. With food delivered to their sides, guests are able to mingle and socialise with others upon arrival, without worrying about rushing to get to their seats in time for the first course. When you select canapes for your entrees, you are likely to see new menu options open up. Delicacies like sashimi, lobster or truffle oil may be too high maintenance, too rich or too dear to craft into larger dishes for a big crowd, however ingredients such as these may appropriately star or accent within hors d’oeuvre.

Supplying your guests with a selection of smaller savoury delights in the place of set entrees demonstrates your understanding of guests’ variable menu needs and desires. You might have several guests who are starving after foregoing lunch, a particular group that prefer to line their stomach before they begin drinking and another few that wish to skip the entree all together to leave room for dessert. The more entree options floating around, the more flexible your menu will be in terms of meeting dietary requirements, adequate portion sizes and the picking preferences of your guests. Your kitchen staff will be grateful to have skipped the added stress of coordinating all your entrees to come out at the same time at the perfect temperature.

Floating heavenly sweets

Your wedding reception dessert options may be limited by the length of your guest list, the climate of your location or the quality of your venue’s kitchen facilities. If your venue doesn’t have the equipment or staffing to coordinate individual hot desserts on a large scale, they may be able to squeeze a higher volume of miniature hot fudge chocolate cakes into the oven to feature as part of a broader menu. Desserts you can manage with one hand accommodate mingling guests clutching drinks – think miniature ice cream cones or bite-size cupcakes.

A variety of smaller dessert treats will delight a sweet tooth looking to sample a few different tastes, satisfy a guest who suffers regular food envy and encourage a more savoury-inclined individual to sample something small. Floating desserts can be anything you like from crème brulee set in spoons to miniature tarts to a selection of fine cheeses set atop gourmet crackers.

Tempting Midnight snacks

Circulating a bit of food later in the night will advantage the hosts, the guests and your venue. A small serving of fish and chips can help to slow down the quick drinkers and mellow out a noisy dance floor crowd in the same way that a second bout of finger sandwiches can give tired designated drivers a much-needed energy fix later in the night.

Cake to go

If a sugary bomboniere doesn’t fit your budget or if you are worried your elaborate sweets bar will overshadow your wedding cake, you might like to arrange small paper boxes for satiated guests wishing to take home a slice of cake. Croquembouche, for example, can be messy and unpleasant to plate at the reception, however it travels well in small boxes and keeps for a few days in the fridge.

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