Bomboniere ideas

Rebecca Welsch
These days, there’s more to wedding bomboniere than sugared almonds. Flavour and colour choices should be as individual as the wedding itself, so give your guests a memento that reflects your style and your personality.

Tips for personalising your wedding bomboniere:

* Select a gift in a colour that matches your flower arrangement, the colour of the bridesmaids' dresses or the general colour scheme of the wedding.

* Something classic and stylish such as glossy white lollies will tie in with an elegant and classic wedding.

* Place your gift into a clear box instead of typical tulle. This looks especially vibrant if you’re giving a colourful wedding bomboniere.

* Be inventive with lolly flavours. Strawberry is popular but why not try pineapple, wild-berry, mandarin, lemon, watermelon or Tia Maria. The possibilities are endless!

* Jellybeans are a colourful and delicious treat and a suitable bomboniere idea for couples on a budget.

* For a beach wedding, give beach-themed bomboniere such as seashell-shaped chocolates, soaps or candles.

* To represent the symbol of love, include anything heart-shaped.

* Everyone loves a love story, so why not include a miniature scroll of your favourite love poem, quote or phrase with your bomboniere?

* Dainty stainless-steel boxes lined with satin, filled with rose petals and chocolate hearts will show a celebration of love.

* For a fairytale to remember, include a miniature bottle of bubbles, a tiny crystal slipper, some ‘fairy dust’ and star-shaped confetti in glittering pink, silver or gold. Your guests will be convinced that wishes really do come true.



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