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Ever wondered what grooms REALLY think about weddings?

Grooms Tell-All
Of course you have. Because it's generally pretty easy to know how brides are feeling about their wedding - excited, nervous, thrilled - but when it comes to the boys, it can be a little bit trickier. 
Are they looking forward to the big day? Would they rather be kicking the footy with their mates instead of poring over seating charts? And would a quick trip to the registry office make them happier than a big shindig? We didn't know - so we decided to ask. We chatted to five recent and soon-to-be grooms, who dished on all things engagement and wedding. Oh yeah, that's right. We delved into the groom psyche to get the low-down, and now we're sharing it with you. 

So, just who are our grooms? We've got Jose Brosas (30), Rav Kumar (30) and Chris Parfett (29), who all got hitched recently, and we also talked to Chris Hysted (28) and Josh Clarke (25), who are both engaged. You can read their full interview in the new issue of Bride, on sale now (spoiler: it includes the boys' advice to other grooms), but here is a sneak peek...

Grooms Tell-All
Bride: First things first - tell us about the proposal!

Josh: Every time I came up with some great idea, Saskia somehow figured it out. I really wanted to surprise her, but she was way too smart. I eventually decided on an idea. We play [card game] Monopoly Deal all the time, so I made a new card. It looked exactly like the others, except the text read 'Will you marry me?'

Chris H: We'd organised to go out for dinner at a mate's restaurant, and I had planned on doing it there, but as we were getting ready she put on this bright red lipstick. All of a sudden, I thought, 'Crap, I'm not going to be able to do it at the restaurant, because I'm going to want to make out with her afterwards, and this bright red lipstick will go everywhere!' So we were out on our balcony... And I just knew that was the time...

Jose: We were living with each other at the time, but she had to work on the day I arrived back [from overseas]. So while she was out, I set up our room with a big 'Will you marry me?' on the wall and love hearts hanging from the ceiling. 

Grooms Tell-All
Bride: What kind of a wedding did/do you want?

Jose: I wanted a wedding where I could just relax and enjoy the day. Plus, I wanted to have a game of golf beforehand. I had very simple demands!

Rav: I grew up in an Indian household, so I'd always wanted an Indian wedding for the colour and excitement. We met in the middle, and incorporated Western themes into an Indian wedding.

Chris P: DIY. We were keen to have the freedom to do whatever we wanted. We ended up landing an untouched hay shed on a private property in Mudgee, central NSW, that helped set the tone for the quirky country wedding we were keen on.

Grooms Tell-All
Bride: What's the best part about planning a wedding?

Chris H: The thing I've really enjoyed so far is having the opportunity to show people those little idiosyncrasies that make you perfect as a couple, the ones you'd normally keep to yourself, and make something really unique.

Jose: The excitement factor as the day starts getting closer. It was awesome seeing everything come together.

Josh: It's fun to have your friends and family excited for you. I love letting them know they are important to us. It's the most fun to have a project with Saskia. She gets so excited, her face lights up and she gets really excited.

Grooms Tell-All
Bride: If you had your time again, is there anything you'd change?

Jose: My wedding was awesome and I probably wouldn't have done it any differently, although I might have played basketball on the morning of the wedding.

Rav: I'd probably take away the involvement of the parents and just go off my own knowledge of Indian weddings.

Chris P: I would've liked to have been able to enjoy a few more beers with my groomsmen beforehand. It would've been good to have all my jobs done and be able to chill out, but I guess that's the price you pay for DIY!

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