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How to have a lavish wedding for less

Forget shelling out your savings or taking out a second mortgage to fund that wine country wedding. In Mudgee, that just doesn't happen.

We're letting you country-wedding coveters in on a secret: it is possible to have your dream do among the vines AND save money - you've just been looking in all the wrong places. With the good looks of other well-known wedding regions (we’re looking at you, Hunter Valley), having a wedding in Mudgee is gentle on the hip pocket and easy on the eye.

You don't have to penny pinch

We’ll start off with the nitty-gritty: a wedding in Sydney can cost $40,000 and more extravagant estimates put that number at $70,000. If that figure has you wincing (or reaching protectively for your wallet), rest easy. It is possible to have your wedding on a modest budget and not have to compromise on the aesthetics. We’re talking blowouts with 200 guests; celebrations that start on Friday evening and don’t finish until Monday morning; lavish yet intimate gatherings with all the trimmings. Put simply, the services and resources you’ll need to plan your big day are cheaper in Mudgee, a lot cheaper. You just need to know who to go to.

Fly away or stay a while

There’s one obvious question that comes with saving money on your wedding: what do you spend it on? You could be sensible and leave it tucked safely away in your account. We like the sound of the other option: putting the funds towards a super luxe honeymoon – hello overwater bungalow in the Maldives – or splurging on those pair of Manolos and having your very own SJP moment. If you’re keen to up the ante of your nuptials, you could take a page out of the A-lister wedding book, by turning your one big day into a three day-long bash. Mudgee has a cluster of houses and hotels, like Horizon Mudgee and Bishops Court Estate, which can be yours exclusively for the weekend.  

All budgets are welcome

Domayn Events sees couples with wedding budgets of every shape and size, and with Domayn couples spend an average of $10,000 for a marquee events with 120 guests. If you’re seeking something smaller – 50 guests, simple lighting and tables dressed with crockery, glassware and linen – Domayn can create this look for less than $3000 – and that includes the installation and the removal of equipment. More extravagant couples can expect to save too. For less than $20,000, couples with 150 guests can expect an event worthy of Tinseltown including a silk-lined marquee with fairy lights and timber flooring, French doors, an outdoor dance floor, separate powder rooms, a custom bar for cocktail hour, a wedding coordinator on the day and a standalone catering marquee. Phew. 

Curious to know what you can get with a $20,000 budget with Domayn Events? Here you go...
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