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The winter skincare survival guide every bride needs to read

Winter skincare
Remember that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where Toula wakes up on her wedding day and discovers an unwelcome pimple on her chin? Cue panic.
Having glowing skin on the big day is a priority for a lot of brides, no matter what time of year they’re getting hitched, but it’s especially true for those tying the knot in winter or just after (we're talking to you, spring brides). The cooler months are notorious for wreaking havoc on skin – who hasn’t commented on their skin feeling dry once the mercury drops?

So understanding what changes to expect in winter and how to counteract them can be super handy when you’re prepping for your walk down the aisle. Enter the winter skincare survival guide. Complete with tips and tricks from The Body Shop, this guide is one you’ll want to file away for future use…

What you need to know

Winter skincare
The temperature isn’t the only thing that changes once winter sweeps in. Your skin can change too, thanks to cranked-up heating, low humidity, harsh climates and even a lack of essential fatty acids in your diet. And when winter dryness hits, you need to rehydrate, stat.

Sam Pope, National Trainer for The Body Shop, explains that humectants (substances that add moisture) are the most important thing for treating dehydrated skin. “This is due to their amazing ability to attract water like a magnet, binding water to them through a chemical reaction. A humectant attracts and retains the moisture in the air via absorption, drawing the water vapour into the skin’s upper layer. Humectants also attract and retain water from beneath the skin’s surfaces in other epidermal, dermal and subcutaneous layers.” 

To nourish your skin, you need a top-notch moisturiser and serum. Sam’s tip is to look for products with humectant properties and ingredients, like the sodium hyaluronate in The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask and Drops of Youth Concentrate. 

What you need to do

Winter skincare
Sure, you want your skin to glow on the big day, but Sam’s recommendation for your winter skincare routine is to keep it simple. “It’s too risky to radically change your routine, especially if your big day is in the not-too-distant future,” Sam explains. “It is important to adjust your regime slightly to keep your skin looking fresh, plump and hydrated. Cleanse with something a little more hydrating and gentle than you would use in summer. Your cleanser should not strip your skin in any way; we often say that squeaky-clean skin is damaged skin, so be sure to balance your cleanser accordingly.” 

Another tip is to make sure your skincare regime is working around the clock, because skin goes into repair mode as you sleep. “Thoroughly cleansing away the day and removing make-up should become a ritual for brides-to-be, along with applying a night treatment to restore radiance, hydration and youth.” And while Sam says it’s never too early to start looking after your skin in preparation for the big day, it’s probably not too late either. Making small changes, like applying a hydrating mask, gently exfoliating and using a night treatment, will help you achieve glowing skin and minimise the risk of having a bad reaction to any new products. 

How you can do it

Winter skincare
When it comes to taking care of your skin in the lead-up to your wedding, you need products that tick two boxes: they actually do what they promise and leave your skin smelling amazing. One collection that gets the double tick is The Body Shop’s Blooming Beautiful British Rose range. It’s perfectly suited to brides – because roses and weddings go together like ice cream and sprinkles – and made with organic rose water from The Body Shop’s rose farm in England. The best part is that the products will look after your routine from start to finish. The range includes:

Petal Soft Bath Foam
Perfect for prepping your skin (and treating yourself to day spa feels at home). Add a dash of this beauty to a warm bath. “Pour it under running water to enrich the skin and relax the mind. You will be feeling rosy in no time.”

British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub 
Catch you later, dry skin. Gently buffing and exfoliating your skin twice a week is a great way to banish dead skin patches and even out rough areas. “The body scrub contains real organic rose petals and polishes, refines and smoothes the skin.”

British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter
Once you’ve buffed and scrubbed, give your skin a solid hydration hit. This body butter provides lightweight hydration for 24 hours. It’s ideal for daily use and even has light reflecting micro pearls to give your skin extra glow. 

British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence
This is great for using on the big day, because it’s light and won’t leave your skin feeling sticky. It will give you all-day moisture thanks to its 24-hour hydration properties.

British Rose Petal-Soft Hand Cream
You’ve taken care of the skin on your face and body, but have you ever thought about how to look after your hands? Get ready for all those ring selfies by using hand cream to keep them soft and nourished. You could even stash this beauty in your wedding clutch, so it’s on hand (sorry, not sorry for the pun) all day.

Looking for products to use on your face? Sam recommends Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Drops of Youth Concentrate – both contain the sodium hyaluronate we talked about above. To wash your face, try Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash. It’s suitable for all skin types and will cleanse without stripping moisture. Finally, when it’s time for you to catch some ZZZs, use Oils of Life Sleeping Cream. 

What to remember

  • Keep your routine simple and don't got OTT, especially with rich topical creams.
  • Tweak your cleansing routine to make it more hydrating and avoid the tight, squeaky-clean feeling afterwards.
  • Treatments like masks will give your skin a super hydrating boost.
  • Replenish any damage from the day when you sleep, and follow an evening cleanse with a bedtime treatment.
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