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20 tips brides wish they'd known on the big day

You’re engaged and planning your wedding  - who do you turn to for advice? Your mum? A sister or best friend? What about women who have been there, done that...
We’re talking about other brides. Because who knows more about the ins and outs of planning a wedding than someone who was in your shoes not that long ago? A recent bride can provide first-hand insights into her experiences, giving you the low-down on everything from what undies to wear when you go dress hunting to how much you can expect to pay for hydrangea centrepieces. They’ll often have other pearls of wisdom too, little nuggets of knowledge they learnt further down the track that they wish they'd known much earlier...

The outfit

“Don’t be scared to express your personality through your wedding shoes. It’s the most glamorous set of your life, so you should love your shoes as much as your dress. Who cares if they are pink or yellow or green?!” - Hayley

“Try your outfit on once to make sure everything works. I bought a garter and hadn’t tried it on with my dress but assumed everything would be okay, only to find at the last minute as I was walking out the door that you could see it as my dress was so lightweight. I had to quickly take it off before I left!” - Tania

Wedding Vows
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To up the vintage feels

Off-the-shoulder sleeved dresses are making a come back and just one look at these beauties will make you understand why. An off-the-shoulder sleeve is romantic and classic, and is a on trend way for brides to show off their décolletage without wearing a strapless frock. If you're seeking a vintage-inspired look then these sleeves are perfect for you - the neckline creates a timeless look that will still be chic ten years from now. Those with a larger bust will love this look, especially designs where the sleeves sit just below the shoulder. This sleeve also suits those with narrower shoulders. There are a bucketload of different variations on the off-the-shoulder look, from placement of the sleeve to the width of the fabric, so finding one you love is sure to be a breeze. 
“Think about having your wedding in winter months. It made it so much easier finding suppliers because I wasn’t fighting for a supplier’s availability with hundreds of other brides. You’re also more likely to have more room to negotiate with suppliers on price.” – Hayley

“Get a videographer if you ever want to be reminded of what on earth happened that night!” – Alice

“Getting a videographer is worth the expense, even though you might be really struggling with trying to justify the extra cost. Watching the ceremony and speeches back with the bridesmaids after the wedding was fantastic. They also capture all those little moments that you miss throughout the day.” – Kate

“Have an unplugged ceremony. Walking down the aisle, it was slightly distracting looking at our guests on their phones as they tried to take pictures as opposed to just seeing their lovely faces. Plus that’s all you could see in the wedding video!” – Tania

To add a touch of whimsy

Boho brides, this one is for you. A loose-fitting and floaty sleeve gives a whimsical touch to any gown, but works especially well for a laid-back casual or rustic wedding. A so-hot-right-now look is the bell sleeve. This style of sleeve is slightly fitted from the shoulder to the elbow and then flares out from the elbow to the wrist (think of the bell bottom jeans your parents might have worn in the 1970s). A bell sleeve looks beautiful when it's made with light fabrics - laces and tulles - and when it features delicate embroidery. Another boho-approved option is to have a sleeve that's not fitted at all and that simply falls from the shoulder. We love this style with lace trims, appliqués and sheer fabrics.
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To nail a classic look

Here it is, the full sleeve. A long-sleeved getup is classic for a reason. It also happens to be one of the most versatile sleeves around. It can work for formal and traditional weddings, for chic and contemporary celebrations or for quirky and unique affairs. Put simply, you'll have more options than you know what to do with, and this style proves you don't need to bare all to be a standout. A full sleeve made from a sheer fabric can be used to create an illusion neckline for fresh and gorgeous spin, however a long sleeve can be worn with a solid fabric bodice too. Another reason we love a long sleeve is because you don't necessarily have to wear a full sleeve all day. Enter the removable top or jacket. These pieces are usually made from a light, see-through material and are worn to the ceremony or in case of chilly weather. Then when it's time to cut shapes on the dance floor, you can slip it off and bust your best moves. That's right, you'll get two different looks without having to change out of your actual dress. Bonus!
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